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  1. Fred Rowe

    Bethel Ridge Forge saying hello.

    Fellow KnifeMakers! What a year this has been. The citizens of Houston and the 50 surrounding counties got hammered first; no pun intended. Then Irma tore a path through all the islands to the south of Florida, before finally slamming into the Keys and then taking a path...
  2. Fred Rowe

    ))))))))Edge Renewal Utility, sharpener New Electric Blue kit with strop.((((((((

    If you enjoy using a stone or diamond plate put are not getting the edges you would like, this ERU package is for you. Using the degree wedges with your stones or diamond plate to produce a "FLAT" edge, then finishing the edge using the ERU sharpener will produce as fine a flat edge as can be...
  3. Fred Rowe

    )))))))Bubble Jig Grinding System(((((((( Whether you are just starting out or are an old pro:), this grinding system will help to produce better grinds, faster and with more freehand control than anything you have ever tried. The Bubble Jig grinding system is 79.95.. Take a look at all...
  4. Fred Rowe

    New ERU kit with dual sided strop.

    The ERU sharpener has been a work in progress, based on a sound basic idea. We have made numerous changes to the package over the last two years. This kit is for the person that likes using stones or diamond plates, but is not satisfied with the results they are getting totally free hand. With...
  5. Fred Rowe

    Grinding shoulders on a belt machine.

    Of the 1,000 plus knives I've made over the last 17 years, nine hundred and seventy five have been hidden tang knives. I just like the looks of hidden tang knives. This means I've filed the shoulders on a lot of knives. I have a filing jig that I clamp the blade in and using a long angle lath...
  6. Fred Rowe

    Finished just in time.

    This knife is a surprise for our local VFD fire chief. It will be presented this Saturday at the TWP fireman's parade The certificate that goes with the knife is inscribed with Firefighters Dress utility tool. The chief has been with the department for 33 years.
  7. Fred Rowe

    5160 with Stag and my shop dog.

    The blade is forged 5160 @ 61 HRC 8 inches long. Handle is Sambar stag, curly Koa with wrought iron fittings & G-10 spacers. Overall length is 13 inches. This is a gift for the fire chief of our small village. He's spent 33 years in the VFD A very dedicated gentleman. The photo at the bottom...
  8. Fred Rowe

    )))))))Bubble Jig Grinding System(((((((( Whether you are just starting out or are an old pro:), this grinding system will help to produce better grinds, faster and with more freehand control than anything you have ever tried. The Bubble Jig grinding system is 79.95.. Take a look at all...
  9. Fred Rowe

    Progressive Stropping---Using an ERU Sharpener.

    I have been working on this tool for almost 4 years; refining the machining process and making slight changes to the tool itself. The truth is, I am still learning about how to use it and how to get the most out of it. My initial thinking was: Make a sharpener with identical opposing disc that...
  10. Fred Rowe

    Bubble Jig belt machine sharpening with Kool Mist system.

    Bethel Ridge Forge is doing all our sharpening and edge profiling, along with primary bevel grinding after heat treat on our new wet machine. This allows us to grind super thin primary bevels at set angles as well as sharpening at consistent repeatable angles. The blades being sharpened in the...
  11. Fred Rowe

    Two W2 counter knives.

    Two for the kitchen out of W2. I use Brownell's PBC for the hamons. They are 0.070 at the handle. Handles are Walnut crotch wood burl, copper with g10 spacers, Birds Eye maple with a snake wood butt cap. These are some of the first blades ground on the wet machine we put together. I like it...
  12. Fred Rowe

    Pro-Cut/Craftsman wet grinder build.

    There has been a lot of discussion about the advantages of grinding edges "Wet" as well as grinding bevels after heat treat. I've gotten into making some kitchen knives, that are on the thin side and therefor require grinding after heat treating. I've had both of these grinders pictured in the...
  13. Fred Rowe

    6th Anniversary, Bubble Jig with something to grind on giveaway. Open to all.

    We have our 6 year anniversary giveaway posted on line. This is a biggy and the only one we are offering this year. Its one of our Bubble Jig with something to grind on giveaways that we have run for years. This one is special. If you are making knives, stop in and pic a number. ​6th Anniversary...
  14. Fred Rowe

    Bubble Jig users "thank you" giveaway.

    We are putting on a giveaway for our valued customers. This is our way of showing our appreciation to the more than 2300 plus knifemakers who have purchased Bubble Jigs over the last Six years. We have shipped to every part of the globe, Australia, Austria, Amsterdam and the Aleutian Islands...
  15. Fred Rowe

    Mushroom hunters knife in W2.

    This little counter knife was made specifically to slice delicate mushrooms. The steel is W2 the blade is 5 inches long, it measures .086 at the spine handle junction and is truly scary sharp. It carries a 22 degree inclusive "flat" edge.
  16. Fred Rowe

    Degree of Sharpness?

    Just a whim. Nothing going on here. :(
  17. Fred Rowe

    Our new W2 bread knife.

    My son, Kevin is the bread maker in the family and he requested a new bread knife. This is what I made for him. It was forged using W2 steel and is quite thin being .094 at the handle. I use Brownell's anti scale instead of clay to produce the hamon. The handle is lacewood and hairyoak with...
  18. Fred Rowe

    Quench Question for kitchen knife makers.

    I'm forging a run of kitchen knives from W2 steel. The first set came out quite thin; .098 spine @ shoulders .030 at the edge. I've run all the heat cycles on these and know the grain to be refined, I ran stress relief as well. I'm quenching in Parks 50 @ 130fh. Because they are thin; I've...
  19. Fred Rowe

    Multi angle bevel dies for the hydraulic press.

    The dies are ground 60/40. Sixty flat and 40 beveled. The slanted end is ground at a 4 degree angle on each die. When there mounted in the press it gives an 8 degree inclusive angle. When you lay each die out it "must" be welded in such a manner that the dies match up when reversed...
  20. Fred Rowe

    A project for when I can't get to the shop.

    The previous bird feeder, that used to sit outside our living room window, was blown away by a huge storm last year. I built this Rube Goldberg replacement last fall using bits and pieces from around the homestead. The circular suet feeder on the right sits atop stainless steel fins that came...