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  1. Ty Adams

    Latest FIF

    Haven't watched a forged in fire for awhile, but the salt trick seems like a good idea. Salt melts at 1465, non- magnetic is around 1420 give or take.
  2. Ty Adams

    Brent Bailey Hammer

    I don't own one, but one of the teachers at my intro to bladesmithing class last year was nice enough to let me use his for half a day. The first week I used a 2.2 pound Swedish style hammer, his 2 pound hammer moved steel just as well. I was not as tired after hammering out a bowie blade using...
  3. Ty Adams

    TUS Stencil Cracks & finger nail polish?

    I live in Montana.... a few places still have pay phones.
  4. Ty Adams

    TUS Stencil Cracks & finger nail polish?

    It also helps to store the stencil in a phone book. Put the stencil in the middle of the book while it's still wet. They come out nice and flat everytime.
  5. Ty Adams

    First knife I posted on this forum. Let’s see yours.

    Like opaul I started a thread about my start in knife making.
  6. Ty Adams

    Free unlimited steel supply?

    1550 seems high for 1075. I use 1470 with only a couple minute soak. Temper at 390.
  7. Ty Adams

    Trying to identify a piece of wood

    It's a very dense oily wood that's very popular for decks and boats. I was given a couple of board feet awhile back. While it's tough it liked to check, and burned easily when shaping handles. In the end I chose not use it.
  8. Ty Adams

    Trying to identify a piece of wood

    I would bet it's Ipe.
  9. Ty Adams

    First Heat Treat of 440C Does This Look Normal?

    That does look normal. If you play with plate quenching and air you get some pretty cool colors. The problem is it's just on the surface so it does wear off with time.
  10. Ty Adams

    #3 finally done.

    Very nice for a third knife! If you see flaws in your work you already a leg up on some. I can't recommend a half round file enough when you're getting started. They are slow, and let you dial in shaping without the worry of removing to much material.
  11. Ty Adams

    Hello From Montana

    I laughed for 5 minutes when I read that! Many of you don't know this, but if you live in MT and start making knives you're going to be at least an ok knife maker. It's in the water. Some of you know, some don't, but John Doyle got his start in knife while living in MT. Welcome to KD!
  12. Ty Adams

    Free unlimited steel supply?

    They may not be willing to give the MTR without him being the purchaser of the material. Your employer should have the MTR's, if you are making any sort of finished product they need traceability to protect themselves. The tag gives you all kinds of good information. The coil is cold rolled...
  13. Ty Adams

    Warping 1095

    Opaul a few things to look at before thinking the steel is bad. Can you easily bend it by hand? If so how much pressure are you using when grinding? AEBL likes to warp while grinding, I noticed it the most when getting the blade warm while grinding one side, and dipping it in the water bucket...
  14. Ty Adams

    Hamon procedure

    My plan is to use it after the initial etching process with ferric. Then soak the blade and hope it affects the hamon line.
  15. Ty Adams

    Hamon procedure

    I don't think that trying a coffee etch is a bad idea. As you stated it's used all the time on Damascus. The dark rich color it produces has me intrigued, and I'll be experimenting with it here soon on some hamon. Worst case scenario is it was a horrible idea and I'll ruin a knife..... It...
  16. Ty Adams

    Help with phone please!!

    Don't do it... The cost of a kit, then the cost of new phone because your a knife maker not a tech geek is not worth it.
  17. Ty Adams

    KITH help Tang hole drilling

    Your blade looks great!
  18. Ty Adams

    KITH help Tang hole drilling

    Or when you've gone past the point of no return. It happens to everyone, if you don't have a drawer, or a bucket full of rejects you're not trying hard enough. It doesn't matter how many hours you have into a knife if it's wrong, it's wrong.
  19. Ty Adams

    A couple small patch knives....

    That amboyna handled knife is beautiful. Simple and elegant all at the same time.
  20. Ty Adams

    Hidden Tang shoulder /no file guard

    There are a ton of things you can use the file guide for. Here are a few examples. Perfect plunge lines. Squaring up areas that need to be square for a good fit and finish.