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  1. JatMat

    Enrique Pena, just as it came in direct from Enrique.

    Due to major medical expenses, I am having to part with one from Enrique that I just got in. You will not have to wait 10 to 12 months to get one of his finest. And at my cost. The photos are not the best, but the knife is, blade centers, flush in all positions. Spring and blade steel is CPM...
  2. JatMat

    Been Busy for a while, missed you guys. Here is why.

    Some of you know through FaceBook about my wife, but I just wanted to update the others. She has had major health problems since July of 2009. First it was several pinched nerves in her neck that required replacement of two disks with cadaver bones and a titanium plate to secure three disks...
  3. JatMat

    Ken Coats, a short story about Customer Service.

    Here is a link to a recent encounter with the best customer service (after the sale) I have ever received from any maker. Jim
  4. JatMat

    Seriously Guys

    I have a question to ask? Appreciate all and informative answers. If a knife is sent to you for a fluff and buff due to hard use (not abuse) Do you charge? What is your turn around time? The reason I ask, I buy several customs from the same maker and have sent knives back a couple of times...
  5. JatMat

    Old Dog Learns new trick

    I just discovered that I can link in a photo here that I previously uploaded to facebook. I right clicked on image in facebook, copied the url and then came here and tested it out. Just copy your FB url, then click the image box here and paste the url in the pop up box. I do like FB and now...
  6. JatMat

    Slideshow of parts of collection
  7. JatMat

    I am an old dog, but I learned a new trick.

    After fighting with my weed eater, (the line kept getting stuck inside the bump reel), I would use up the line then bump, but no line would come out. Been doing this for years, but it gave me a break time to take apart the reel and untangle the line. This time, I thought why not put some...
  8. JatMat

    Prayers Requested

    Two weeks ago, my wife of 45 years was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is small, BUT, it is the C word and that is scary as heck to her and to myself. It was caught early and surgery is scheduled for Tues the 29th. Prayers for her would be appreciated. Right now I am hanging onto Romans...
  9. JatMat

    Have you guys gotten this error message in Windows 7 yet?

    I just did and kinda liked getting it, I took its suggestion and had one. 2thumbs
  10. JatMat

    Knife Makers do you?

    Today is the day to plant a garden, just wondering if any of you do the same? I love doing one, I don't have much land available, but I do fill up every available spot in wife's flower beds with Tomatoes, Squash and peppers. Have about 100' of bush beans to go in. Happy Easter to all, Jim
  11. JatMat

    Great Prices on G-11 Margarita Green

    Thank You Tracy! Click on Gif below.
  12. JatMat

    For sale - Knife making supplies Great Prices on G-11 Margarita Green

    New Pot Luck, large flat box with different thicknesses, most are 10 - 11 3/4'' x 10 - 11 3/4'' x 3/4 or 1 1/2''. I had a helper pack the boxes and he did not accurately label what is on the inside. I am tired of reopening the boxes to find out what is inside. If you are willing to take a...
  13. JatMat

    A Good Deed by a Good Friend

    Robert Dark got some of my first G-11 and I got to know him, I sent him a message that I wanted to visit his shop for pointers. Plus, I had some old chisels and wood lathe tools that needed some expert sharpening. ( I am waiting on Tracy's new grinder kit. ):( The chisels were brought back...
  14. JatMat

    Calling Gunny1911

    Gunny, Please get in touch with me, concerning this post LINK
  15. JatMat

    Happy Birthday Suz!

    Happy Birthday my friend. May you have MANY more to come. Jim
  16. JatMat

    I Have a 40+ lbs Box of G-11 to Give Away, interested?

    I have a box of light green or it is called "jade green or "ghost green" by some, I happen to call it "Margarita Green". The box is a large flat rate completely full, weighing in at around 45 to 48 lbs, it will have one piece of 1 1/2'' thick material and 5 pcs of 3/4'' material cut just to fit...
  17. JatMat

    Just a few picked up here & there.

    Link to old album. One of the pictures to perhaps tease your interest. BTW: Thanks Tracy for allowing us old collectors hang around and now have a forum. Jim