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  1. calharkins

    forge for sword making

    Hello, I am wanting to build a blown forge for swords. I plan on using a 36 inch pipe but I am not sure about the blower configuration. Do I use one blower with propane, multiple blowers and propane sources, or one propane and blower with multiple pipes going into the forge? Any help would...
  2. calharkins

    Buffalo Skinner

    This is a buffalo skinner. 5 inch blade of 5160. Overall length is 10 inches. Handle is walnut with Tru Oil finish. Stainless corby fasteners. I wish I had this knife when I shot my buffalo.
  3. calharkins

    A hunter I just finished.

    I just finished this one. Blade is 5160. Spacers are 416 stainless steel and brass. Handle is stabilized maple burl. Stainless steel pin. Blade length is 4 1/2 inches and overall length is 9 inches.
  4. calharkins

    Long Hunter

    Long Hunter OAL: 11 inches Blade length: 6 inches Steel: O-1 (Stock Removal) Handle: Stabilized Buckeye Burl Fasteners: Stainless Steel Corbies Comes with custom Sheath $200 delivered to Continental US Paypal Preferred
  5. calharkins

    Hunter with Ironwood Handle

    Hand Forged Hunter with 4 inch blade Steel: 5160 Scales: Arizona Desert Ironwood Fastener: Stainless Steel Corbies Custom leather sheath included $150 delivered to Continental US Paypal Preferred.
  6. calharkins

    Need help with cross draw sheath

    I started a cross draw sheath. I was going to use chicago screws to hold the straps to the sheath. The sheath is 3/8 inch thick at the edge. When I add the thickness of the straps I am going to need at least 5/8 inch chicago screws. 1/2 inch screws are all I am seeing. How do you guys hold...
  7. calharkins

    Need help with a problem on a No Weld Grinder

    Got a no weld grinder with a problem. The drive shaft keeps moving to the left. I have tightened up the pillow bearings but it keeps on sliding to the left. I started with a one horse motor but updated it to a two horse a few months back. Anyone got any ideas on what the problem is? Thanks
  8. calharkins

    Sodium Bisulfite formula??

    I am going to try a sodium sulfite solution to get rid of the scale after forging. Any of you guys have a mix ratio for this solution? Thanks
  9. calharkins

    One of the Best Kept Secrets

    KGA offers DVDs of their shop tours. A lot of the demonstrations are by master bladesmiths and other very talented knifemakers. The May 2014 DVD set is available now for $18. I am sure Ray has copies of older tours as well. Check it out on
  10. calharkins

    KGA Shop Tour at Yukon, OK

    I can't wait to get to the KGA Fall Shop Tour on Saturday. The fall shop tour will be held this year at the home of Bill Kennedy in Yukon, OK The directions to his home is; I-40 WEST of OKC to Cimaron Road ( exit 132) - go South on Cimarron road to NW 23 RD - turn East on 23RD to Lost...
  11. calharkins

    Bowie for Charity Raffle

    Blade is from 5160 Hand forged and double quenched Cutting Edge 7 inches Overall length 13 inches Rockwell Hardness approximately 58 416 Stainless fittings Elk Antler Handle I am donating this knife to the local "Shop with a cop" program. The knife will be raffled off this week with tickets...
  12. calharkins

    440C with stainless bolsters and buffalo horn scales

    I delivered this one yesterday. 440C stainless with 1/4 inch 416 stainless bolsters and water buffalo scales. Heat treated and cryogenically treated by my good friend Mike. I had to get this delivered so I only had my iphone to take pictures with.
  13. calharkins

    Question about a sheath

    I have a question. I borrowed a picture from Ben Tendick. I hope he doesn't mind. What is the metal sticking out of the front of this sheath and what is it's function? It looks like a Sam Brown button but I can't see it's purpose. I appreciate your educating my ignorance.
  14. calharkins

    Quenching medium questions

    I am a pharmaceutical chemist. Not to be confused with the pharmacist that just counts and pours medication. We compound medications for patients with specific needs. I was making some medication and got to thinking about things that could possibly be used as a quenchant. Propylene...
  15. calharkins

    A few Antlered Handled Knives I just finished

    Three antler handled knives I just finished. Steel is 1/8" O-1 Tool Steel. Guards and Butt Caps are Brass.
  16. calharkins

    Two more for the Special Forces

    Knives are made from 1/4" O-1 tool steel. Blades are flat ground with a distal taper. Blades are differentially heat treated. Blades are painted with DuraCoat flat black. Scales are carved black on black micarta. Spec Ops sheath. I know, there is only one sheath. One of the guys has a sheath.
  17. calharkins

    Problem with O-1 or is it me???

    I use O-1 quite a bit especially on tactical blades. I went to test a blade that had just been finished and it would not hold a good edge. I didn't do anything different that I know of. All of the blades in that batch had the same problem. I will give you my procedure. I use a forge to...
  18. calharkins

    25th Batson's Bladesmithing Symposium and Knife Show

    25th Batson's Bladesmithing Symposium and Knife Show MORE PICTURES ADDED I am going to post some pictures of Batson's Bladesmithing Symposium. I had camera problems. First the flash wouldn't work and then the camera would work intermitetently. I learned a lot and had a great time. James...
  19. calharkins

    Who is going to Batson's?

    Hey guys, Who of you are going to Batson's? I plan on being there and I want to meet as many of you dogs as I can. I will be the huge, bald headed, guy with a camera around his neck. :biggrin: If I don't recognize you, I am sure you will recognize me. If you aren't planning on going...
  20. calharkins

    KGA Knife Show Pictures

    Bill Duff Miniature Greg Shahan Hunter Roy Miller Fiighter Greg Shahan Bowie Bill Kennedy Folder and Best in Show