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  1. J. Hoffman

    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - NON TACTICAL FIXED BLADE Under 10" (Over all)

    I would like to have one of my Louth EDC knives considered. The blade is 80crv2 with Masur birch handle.
  2. J. Hoffman

    2019 KD Members Choice Awards - TACTICAL FIXED BLADE

    I'd be honored if my Kildare would be considered. Bohler N690 with red G10 and blackwood carbon fiber bolsters. Thanks to Cory Martin for the pro photo.
  3. J. Hoffman

    For those of you that keep a Knife Making or Shop Log

    I keep a log of every heat treat I do. I also do build sheets for each knife and keep track of them on a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet includes heat treat lot, model, steel type, hardware, handle type, and sheath type.
  4. J. Hoffman

    Spirit Of The Blade Show

    Yes, I'm planning on bringing some wood. I will likely have some on my table, but more under the table if you want to dig through.
  5. J. Hoffman

    Spirit Of The Blade Show

    This will be my first year. I'm looking forward to it, and have heard nothing but good about it.
  6. J. Hoffman

    AC vs DC motors

    And you can run the 1800 RPM motor at 3600 RPM. Win/Win
  7. J. Hoffman

    AC vs DC motors

    An 1800 RPM motor is a 4 pole and will offer more torque. The VFD will allow you to run the 1800 motor at 3600.
  8. J. Hoffman

    Christmas gift from Jess Hoffman

    Glad you like them! Have a merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year!
  9. J. Hoffman

    Christmas from Gliden07

    I thought I posted this the other day, but with my poor internet it maybe didn't go through. I got a cool box of goodies from Gliden07. First was a bundle of brass pin stock. Second were some cool acrylic scales. I'm not usually much for the modern scales, but these are really cool and almost...
  10. J. Hoffman

    Leather Sewing Machine

    I have a Boss also, and while it works better than hand stitching, it is very temperamental as Ed said. My next big purchase will likely be a Cobra or Cowboy. I've heard great about both.
  11. J. Hoffman

    Stabilized or dyed wood

    What are you looking for? What price range?
  12. J. Hoffman

    Christmas Exchange!

    To all the Guild members, a long time tradition here at Knife Dogs has been the Christmas Exchange. I fell asleep at the switch this year, and thankfully Dennis Moreland picked up the ball and ran with it. Go to the Knife Dogs Main Forum and join the exchange. It's a great way to get to know...
  13. J. Hoffman

    2019 Christmas Gift Exchange

    I'm in!. Sorry I missed your message. I was just coming to the forum to post the exchange because I forgot all about it. You are more than welcome to take it over, but if you want me to do it I will. The time just got away from me this year. I'm also happy to help you with it if needed.
  14. J. Hoffman

    Question about the belt grinder Goset G 20 Pro

    Thanks for chiming in Tomtek. I'm not a fan of all the guards either, but I understand why they are there. One thing I've learned about grinders is that a feature that one person hates, another person loves. We all learn on different machines and have different experiences with the machines and...
  15. J. Hoffman

    Newsletter Help!!!

    I'm working on the first newsletter which will go out in December. We are planning on having member interviews, Guild news and I was hoping to have one or two columns written by members. If you have something you could write about, please write something up and get it to me ASAP. I'm also...
  16. J. Hoffman

    Electric motor enclosure?

    Yes they are 3ph 1/2hp 56c Marathons. $40 each. My current disk grinder is 1hp but I think these 1/2 hp will work good for the higher grits.
  17. J. Hoffman

    Electric motor enclosure?

    These are not liquid cooled, and don't have the ability to be. From my reading, liquid cooled are a separate animal, same as fan cooled is different. These are designed to dissipate heat through the shaft and housing.
  18. J. Hoffman

    Electric motor enclosure?

    I've always used TEFC enclosures for motors, but I have a chance to buy some 1/2 hp TENV motors I was thinking of using for disc grinders. I read that TENV motors are usually hooked up to pumps and use the liquid they are pumping as a heatsink through the shaft to help cool the motor. I'm...
  19. J. Hoffman

    120 Grit Belts

    VSM are great and cheap
  20. J. Hoffman

    Rare Earth Magnet Source

    I get mine from KJ magnets. I've never tested one brand against another. I have a feeling they all come from the same factory in China.