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    Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!

    This thread is to be used for the 2014 KITH participants to post photos of their completed knives. Once your photos are posted, you will be considered eligible for the exchange. If you haven't yet signed up, but are interested, the official thread is here...
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    Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 Knife in the Hat (KITH) Thread

    This is the Official 2014 KITH Thread. Here are the rules: 1. The Knife in the Hat is open to all knifemakers. There likely will be a wide range of skill levels involved. There are no restrictions on the style of knife you make, but it should be representative of your skill, and one that you...
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    Folks, we need to talk...... (About this years KITH!)

    Given the rather brutal nature of this years winter thus far, I've found my mood to be a bit... gloomy. I thought it would be nice to start thinking about something a bit more positive, namely the summer KITH. I wanted to take a few days before opening the official thread to see if anyone had...
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    Fillet Knife in CPM D2

    I made this as a gift for my wife's grandfather who just turned 85. He is an avid fisherman, and had been complaining about edge holding in his current fillet knives. I came up with this to help remedy the problem: Blade Steel: CPM D2 (HRC 60) Scales: Ivory Canvas Micarta Hardware: SS...
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    Official KnifeDogs 2013 KITH PICTURE thread!

    This is the thread for all participants of the 2013 Summer knife in the hat to post their FINISHED work. Please continue to use the main thread for work in progress shots. Remember, you MUST have your finished work posted here by 12:00 Noon PST on August 5th, 2013 to be eligible. For those...
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    Official Summer 2013 KnifeDogs Knife in the Hat Thread

    OK Folks, This is the Official 2013 KITH Thread. While many said July would be ok even though we are getting a late start, I thought August 5th would be a good deadline if there aren't any objections. This gives everyone a little extra time while still keeping us in the ballpark. Here are...
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    Summer KITH?

    I haven't seen any mention of a Christmas in July KITH as we've done the past few years. Did I miss the thread, or hasn't there been any interest?
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    Thoughts on quenching with water before or after oil?

    Forgive the off the wall question here, but I have seen some 'smiths here and in other forums discuss using water (Usually before, but a few have said after) in combination with an oil quench. I was just curious about the process and or benefits. Could this method be suitable for some steels...
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    Long Clip Tactical/Utility

    Withdrawn Withdrawn
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    Tanto Fighter

    This is the knife I made for the KITH. My friend Kathy came over and took some shots with her professional equipment. She generally does portrait and event photography, and this was her first "still" shoot. I thought she did an awesome job! Here are a couple of the pics:
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    Delbert Ealy Mokume Rings

    My fiancée and I will be getting married in about two weeks. As soon as we made the decision, I knew I wanted to get our rings from Del. After almost a year of planning all the details, the rings are the one piece I'm most proud of. The rings came a few days ago, and we were absolutely...
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    Bush/Utility/SHTF knife in CPM D2

    Just finished this one for a friend. He wanted a good all around user for his bug-out kit. It's pretty no-nonsense, but I like it. Blade Steel: CPM D2 Finish: Ferric Chloride etch Handle Material: Double Black G10 (Thanks Tracy, I love this stuff!) Overall Length: 9" Blade Length (tip to...
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    It’s finally starting to warm up here!

    According to the forecast, we will be seeing highs consistently above freezing for the first time in a long while. My shop isn't heated, and I really haven't spent much time in there since the holidays. I don't mind putting on some extra layers, but when you start to lose feeling in your...
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    Forced patina on CPM D2

    I was curious if anyone else has had an issue getting CPM D2 to take on a patina. When I first started making knives a few years ago, I made a few out of Admiral's D2. I decided to play around with a mustard and vinegar finish and found that it would take on a nice dark mottled look with a few...
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    Kitchen Knives For Christmas

    Here's a few that I just wrapped up (literally). These are all CPM D2 with a 600 grit finish, the first one is ivory paper micarta, the others are cocobolo. I made this kitchen utility for my neighbors across the street. They are a great retired couple. They always share from their garden...
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    Is it too early to be thinking about a KITH for next summer?

    I just sent my knife out for the KITH at the other place this morning, and couldn't help but think about the exchange we had last year amongst Dogs. I really enjoy these, and it gives me an opportunity to make something just for fun. I'm getting married next June and I'll be pretty busy with...
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    Reconstituted stone?

    What do you all think about reconstituted stone for knife scales? I am trying to figure out what to use for some kitchen knives that will be a Christmas present for my mom. The blades will be back from heat treatment any day now, and I'm still scratching my head on what to use for the handles...
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    Pair of combat knives

    I just wrapped these two up today. These were commissioned by a friend of mine. He will be giving these to two young men who are serving in the mid-east. They'll both be back for their mid-tour leave between August and September. Steel: ~.265" thick 440C with a beadblasted finish...
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    Hello from Central IL

    I thought I had posted here already, but I didn't see it.... First, I want to thank Tracy and Bruce and everyone else that helped get this forum started. It's nice to see so many familiar names here. I've been making knives for about two years, mostly stock removal, but I do have some...