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  1. J. Hoffman

    Christmas from Gliden07

    I thought I posted this the other day, but with my poor internet it maybe didn't go through. I got a cool box of goodies from Gliden07. First was a bundle of brass pin stock. Second were some cool acrylic scales. I'm not usually much for the modern scales, but these are really cool and almost...
  2. J. Hoffman

    Christmas Exchange!

    To all the Guild members, a long time tradition here at Knife Dogs has been the Christmas Exchange. I fell asleep at the switch this year, and thankfully Dennis Moreland picked up the ball and ran with it. Go to the Knife Dogs Main Forum and join the exchange. It's a great way to get to know...
  3. J. Hoffman

    Newsletter Help!!!

    I'm working on the first newsletter which will go out in December. We are planning on having member interviews, Guild news and I was hoping to have one or two columns written by members. If you have something you could write about, please write something up and get it to me ASAP. I'm also...
  4. J. Hoffman

    Electric motor enclosure?

    I've always used TEFC enclosures for motors, but I have a chance to buy some 1/2 hp TENV motors I was thinking of using for disc grinders. I read that TENV motors are usually hooked up to pumps and use the liquid they are pumping as a heatsink through the shaft to help cool the motor. I'm...
  5. J. Hoffman

    Blade Show Specials

    I made these two for Blade. First and last time I'll make this pattern.
  6. J. Hoffman

    Kerry camp knife

    This is my Kerry model, designed as a camp knife. The blade is 80crv2. The handle is maze cut bone micarta, with blue micarta liners.
  7. J. Hoffman

    80crv2 with Box Elder

    This is my Down model Skinner. It's a nice small package. It's flat ground and has some nice Box Elder burl.
  8. J. Hoffman

    Recovering a wheel

    I'm looking at having one or two wheels recovered. They are both rubber wheels, and I would like to stick with rubber as opposed to poly. Who is the go-to company for get wheels recovered. I contacted Contact Rubber Corp, but was wondering about others.
  9. J. Hoffman

    CPM M4 Louth

    This is another one of my Louth models in CPM M4 and desert ironwood.
  10. J. Hoffman

    CPM M4 and Desert Ironwood Louth

    This is another one of my Louth models in CPM M4 and desert ironwood.
  11. J. Hoffman

    Elmax and Ipe camp knife

    This one will be at the Badger knife show. Elmax camp knife with gorgeous Ipe burl.
  12. J. Hoffman

    Elmax and Spalted Oak

    This is my Louth model with a hollow ground Elmax blade and spalted oak burl.
  13. J. Hoffman

    Christmas Exchange 2018!

    It's that time of the year again!Time for the Knife Dogs Christmas Exchange. Last year I was really late getting it started, and this year I'm early. Hopefully the extra time will allow more makers to join in. Most of you know what this is about. A gift exchange between knife makers of all skill...
  14. J. Hoffman

    Skinny Hunter

    This knife was adapted from one of my fillet knives. The blade is 1/8" AEB-L and the handle is black palm. The slivers from black palm hurt, but they are huge and easy to get out.
  15. J. Hoffman

    Bird & Trout Hunter

    This is a newer pattern for me. The blade is Bohler N690 and redwood burl.
  16. J. Hoffman

    Kirinite Skinner

    This is one of my skinners in 80crv2 with blue ice Kirinite and blackwood carbon fiber bolsters.
  17. J. Hoffman

    CPM154 and Ringed Gidgee

    This is one of my Cocaire slicers in CPM154. The handle is ringed gidgee and it features copper hardware.
  18. J. Hoffman

    Pedestal Stand Suggestions

    I'm looking to build a couple of adjustable pedestal stands for grinders/buffers. I was thinking of incorporating a bottle jack or big screw of some kind to raise and lower. Does anyone have suggestions or photos of theirs? I'm thinking similar to the Burr King adjustable without the $500 price...
  19. J. Hoffman

    Graphite Platen Backer

    A friend gave me a piece of graphite platen backing that he had for his edge sander. The stuff has a peel/stick backing and hard bits of graphite on the front for the belt to ride against. He stated it is a huge help for sanding wood. Has anyone tried this stuff on a grinder platen. Is there...
  20. J. Hoffman

    Mahogany Slicer

    This is a kitchen slicer with .070" 1095 and mahogany.