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    Poor man's nail nick

    Hi All, I'm a newb when it comes to folders (for about 8 months). My skills have been starting to increase lately and my knives have started to look nicer, but without a proper nail nick....well you looks off. I continue to save for both a proper mill and surface grinder. In the mean...
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    Need help with vegetable cleaver handle

    Hi All, A friend of mine asked me to put a new handle on a vegetable cleaver. The photo details the blade and a sister knife. I have a block of Osage orange for this project. My question is - how do I butt the tang to the handle material without a visible gap? Is this just something I need to...
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    New maker from Cincinnati, OH

    Hi All, I've been lurking in the forums since April, when I began making my first knife. The amount of helpful, positive information posted is amazing! I could not have progressed so quickly without the effort and knowledge you all have posted here - so thank you. I started out with all hand...