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  1. PatrickKnives

    Linerless Micarta Hawkbill Folder

    The blade is 3 1/4" A2 tool steel, the handle is green canvas micarta about 4 5/8". Spring action is very solid and flush in open, 1/2 stop and closed. Very comfortable in hand and great EDC. Price $145.00 inlcudes postage in USA
  2. PatrickKnives

    Bamboo Chef Knive and Cutting Board

    This is a great everyday use knife. I have matched the handle with the cutting board. The width of the blade prevents your fingers being trapped under the handle when cutting. Curve of blade allows for chopping while holding the front of the blade on cutting board. Great knife for all your...
  3. PatrickKnives

    Linerless Hawkbills

    Couple of new ones
  4. PatrickKnives

    Traditional Slipjoint

    latest off to a customer. Stabilized Spalted Maple, A2 blade and spring, SS liners, Nickle Silver boslters and pins.
  5. PatrickKnives

    Patent Info Source

    Is there a good reference for folder patents, I would like to see what available for use and what designs are off limits. I saw an artical about one of the manufactures going after makers using a button lock feature that they feel is covered by their patent, I would like to avoid problems...
  6. PatrickKnives

    New Guy

    I have been around a while but new to the forum, I have been making knives for several years now but just part time. I was doing alot of fixed blade knives and now I really want to focus on folders. I have made quite a few of my ECD folders and am currently designing a folding dagger and...
  7. PatrickKnives

    Working Knives

    I have been wanting to do some simple knives for EDC use and here is what I came up with, they are very light. Linerless Carbon Fiber, Orange Micarta, and Brown Canvas Micarta, Steel is A2 3" blade about 7" overall.