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    Incomplete solder joint, slipjoint bolster technical request

    Hallo, i'm in the build of a swayback and i had issues. I have soldered (pre-tinning-parts technique) ss bolsters to ss liners, and one of them shows a little black line front/back where the solder didn't run, at the scale side. I use the "lead pencil barrier" technique to prevent the solder...
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    :les: That's it! NO WALK & TALK FOR ME THIS TIME!!!! My fault...i hammered too much the pivot pin and i pinched the blade of my new slippie. I'm starting to understand why makers love so much that little bronze bushings. I'm trying with no avail to slacken the lil' sucker with the method of...
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    stag scales without loosing too many fingers :)

    Hi everybody, i did my first slipjoint with stag scales and i have been lucky to have still 10 fingers on my hands. I will definitely build some jig for the bandsaw for the next one, and i would ask if someone has got some pointer for the jig construction....i need to make scales from roll and...