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  1. Chris Martin

    6" contact wheel and arm

    email: Selling my 2x6” KMG wheel with aluminum arm. Bought directly from Rob @ Beaumont several years ago and only used it a handful of times and in great shape. $155 shipped-ppld Thanks
  2. Chris Martin

    Tapmatic 30x with torque bar and taps

    Email: for pics or info Looking to sell my Tapmatix 30x complete with manual,added torque bar kit, and 2-56 as well as 4-40 taps. I only used it a hand full of times and is in excellent shape. Looking for $400 shipped Possible trades: 12-14" contact wheel for KMG Rotary...
  3. Chris Martin

    Evenheat Artisan 688 HT oven

    Email: I just got this in from TruGrit and I decided I will just buy the KH 414 model instead. It is still unused ready to go. I haven't even downloaded the manuals. The oven will come with DVD's etc and ship in its original box. Looking for: Zevtech, Agency, Salient...
  4. Chris Martin

    WTT-Baldor 2HP Washdown motor

    Email: Got my Baldor dust collector here. Its still unused other than being moved around the shop with a few scratches etc. One of the best motors you can buy for your grinder, ready for your VFD! Specs here: Trades...
  5. Chris Martin

    For Sale - Everything Else Noveske-DD Upper-Aimpoint-Eotech etc (OK)

    Email: Below is what I have avail follow links for specs....I will get pics up ASAP. Barely broken in Noveske built-DD MK18 upper~ $845>>sold** shipped 2x New in box Surefire M952v's-Tan Vampire model ~$345 each...
  6. Chris Martin

    Baldor Washdown & Etcher

    email: Looking to sell the etcher but trade the motor Or trade both. Buying this new mill really killed my account.....and I am not even started on buying goodies for it yet. First up the Etcher...bought from Keith over on Knife Dogs and used once. Since upgrading to a...
  7. Chris Martin

    KBAC-27D =2HP Drive

    Email: $330<<Sold-PayPal only shipped USPS-Priority. If you prefer another shipping method it will be plus whatever cost. Just need to funds for other expenses right now. This is new, I have had it sitting in my shop and just never got around to wiring it up...
  8. Chris Martin

    Neon Toxic Green G10 in 1/8" and 1/4" just in..

    NICE, Tracy......Placing an order now!!! Thanks Mike for the link my brother. Chris
  9. Chris Martin

    Burls for G-10's

    There is also a nice chunky block of spalted maple in there as well. These are just a few of the pics... Chris
  10. Chris Martin

    Burls for G-10's

    Doh, Randy....I will work on some pics for you. I will have to dampen them to show grain-pattern etc. Chris
  11. Chris Martin

    Burls for G-10's

    Randy, sounds good to me! Blast me an email once you get a chance: Color's, thickness, lengths etc. I am game. Thanks, Randy! Chris
  12. Chris Martin

    Burls for G-10's

    *****Woops, forgot about this thread. GONE******* I have the following Burl's that have been cut into scale's. Large and small. All dry and came from Oregon. I will never use all of this, I bought a bunch of it for Christmas Gift knives and did not need half as much as I thought:sad: Madrone...
  13. Chris Martin

    ~WTT Dalton Serpent~

    Feel free to make an offer, she just sits here..... ETA: It does appear to be slightly carried after taking it out of the case. Still in GREAT shape. I took pics of the wear...just from being fired and closed! Looking to trade a Dalton Serpent with Parachute logo...
  14. Chris Martin

    For Sale - Everything Else ~NIP Black Pmags & CP mags~

    Email: Buy all 16 NIP mags for $160 shipped PP'd to your door via USPS Priority 12 NIP Pmags-BLK-211- $132 shipped PP'ld 4 NIW C-Prod 30rnd mags- $38 shipped/PayPaled Thanks, 45
  15. Chris Martin

    For Sale - Tools Coote Grinder w/SWA

    Rey, Unfortunately I will need to keep the motor for the KMG until I upgrade to a 3ph 3HP and VFD. Sorry if that's a deal breaker...but I gotta stay grinding or I am out of business. Thanks Rey, Chris
  16. Chris Martin

    For Sale - Tools Coote Grinder w/SWA

    Lets call it $450 shipped for everything. Thnaks, Chris
  17. Chris Martin

    For Sale - Tools Coote Grinder w/SWA

    Email: ETA: I have been getting loads of trade offers. I am always a sucker for a good blade trade, so lets open it up...;-) Trades: MT's Custom Framelockls Custom folders.... **I will take some cash off the top if you have an 8" or 10" contact wheel...;-) Prefer a 10"...
  18. Chris Martin

    For Sale KMG clone w/ MAP Arm in Canada

    Good to see you got her posted Ed. Nice build buddy! Chris
  19. Chris Martin

    Blue/black G-10 scales

    I am in need of a set of scales in Blue/Black G-10 I need them as close to .250 as possible. I cant seem to find any scales, just sheets. I can buy outright or trade. I have several flavors of G-10. Dark Earth Coyote Foliage OD Green Grey Black Blaze Orange Black-Tan Thanks, Chris