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    First flipper

    This is pocket knife #5 and the first flipper. Titanium scales, stainless liner and S35VN for the blade. Kind of homely looking, but it works.
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    Nitro V

    Has anyone used this steel at a high hardness and care to comment on what it's like? Heat treat info would also be appreciated.
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    Liner lock #2

    I made a short video of the second liner lock I've made.
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    Best belts for a surface grinder

    I was wondering what belts were recommended to use on a surface grinder.
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    2nd slipjoint

    This is number 2. S35VN blade. Stone washed finish.
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    A couple of knives

    Made this regular hunter style fixed blade for a guy in B.C. A new style I'm working on.
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    First liner lock

    I completed my first liner lock today. AEB-L blade, titanium thumb studs, stainless liners and white linen micarta scales. I ground the blade post heat treat to 750 grit and then stonewashed it. I like the ground look, but it's a user so I thought it would be best to stonewash it.
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    Pocket slips

    I've recently been bitten with the slip joint bug and made a couple of pocket slips to go with them.
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    1st slip joint completed

    A short video on my first knife.
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    First slip joint

    I finally finished it tonight. The walk and talk is off a little bit but I'm still happy with it. CPM 154 and Warwood scales. I used 0.005" phosphor bronze washers I bought at USA Knifemaker instead of milling the liners.
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    S35VN back spring

    I did a search and couldn't find any info in regards to heat treating S35VN for a back spring (making a slip joint). Does anyone have a recipe, or should I just use CPM 154 for the back spring? If so, what recipe for the CPM 154 without using cryo or LN. Thanks in advance.
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    CPM 154 heat treat question

    I was looking at Crucible's heat treat data for CPM 154 (link) and could not figure out the recipe I needed for a slip joint that I'm going to make. If I want to keep 5 points of hardness difference between the blade and the back spring (to prevent galling) I can easily do it with 1900F and no...
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    2mm stainless steel spring material

    I bought a book on making lockback knives and 2mm stainless steel (1.4310 steel) is recommended. Where could I find this material, or a North American equivalent. Thanks in advance.
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    Lockback question

    I'm planning on making a lockback knife and was wondering what steel I should use for the back bar. I'll be using AEB-L for the blade (61-62Rc) and was going to use the same for the back bar, but can't find a recipe to heat treat/temper it to 49-50Rc. I'm not opposed to using some other type of...
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    Full stainless friction folder

    I finished this friction folder today. I'm kind of happy with it but, it's probably my crappiest grind to date. I ground the AEB-L in the annealed state and will not be doing that again. It's got some flex to it and my grind did not stay consistent. A good learning experience. I used all...
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    Full stainless friction folder

    I had one of those 'I wonder what it would be like' ideas and tried making a full stainless friction folder. Normally I grind AEB-L after the heat treat, but this time I tried it before. It's going to be a rough looking 'industrial' kind of finish so the blade wasn't taken to a very high polish...
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    Making 'micarta'

    I decided to try to make some linen micarta scales for some folders I'm attempting. I haven't done this before so I watched a bunch of videos and it seems pretty straight forward. I decided to do it with a twist though and am not sure if it will work or not. I cut off a piece of stainless...
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    Grinding a knife

    I made a short video on how I grind and show a little bit of my set up at the end.
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    AEB-L Hunter

    I made this one for a buddy of mine who likes to hunt moose. He wanted a slab sided handle with the edges knocked off. It looks pretty plain, but feels pretty good in the hand. Hopefully it works well for him.
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    Small fixed blade EDC

    This small fixed blade knife is made out of 1/8" AEB-L stainless steel. I did the heat treat/cryo/temper to 62 Rc. It's a high flat grind with bead blast/belt finish. Warwood scales (similar to linen Micarta but made using 'green' material) sanded to 1000 grit with stainless steel pins. It...