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  1. Billy Helton

    Just another knife ( kinda)

    This is a little random pattern Hunter. The handle material is a norway spruce cone stabilized by Pat Ankrom. it was a little funkey working with and I decided to put a iron wood frame in between for a little contrast and support. The 1/4 slabs were a little more flexible than I liked, but after...
  2. Billy Helton

    My first J.S knife

    This was my first knife made after I passed my Journeyman smith test. Almost forgot to stamp the darn thing too. Thanks for looking
  3. Billy Helton

    Unique Handled Bowie

    I got this off Pat Ankrom and it is pretty neat stuff. I think it is called Banski pod .That probably isn't spelled right but I tried any way.:58: Thanks for the looks Billy
  4. Billy Helton

    A couple liner locks

    These are my own damascus. I will let the pics fill in the blanks. Thanks for the looks and KDOGS RULE
  5. Billy Helton

    Where to get a anodizing machine turn key

    Does anyone know where to buy a anodizing machine. I really don't know much about it. I don't have the time to build my own or the no how on this electric stuff. Thank you in advance. Billy
  6. Billy Helton

    Sweet Clip Point

    Damascus Clip point. 8 1/2 blade Thanks For Looking
  7. Billy Helton

    New Damascus liner lock

    This is a pattern I have come up with that seems to be pretty neat. Hope you like it. It is a three inch liner lock, mammoth tusk handle , Damascus pocket clip. God Bless Billy
  8. Billy Helton

    Damascus folder

    Hello every one. Haven't posted any pic,s in a while here is a little liner lock I just got finished. Thanks for looking Merry Christmas
  9. Billy Helton

    Damascus Bowie

    Damascus Bowie Blade Length 8" Total length 12 1/8 Desert Iron handle Leather Sheath Thanks For Looking
  10. Billy Helton

    Feather damascus fighter

    This is a little damascus fighter. Blade length 7.5 inches Total length 12.5 inches Handle Masur Birch ( ankrom exotics) Thanks for looking Billy
  11. Billy Helton

    Basket weave hunter

    Basket weave hunter Damascus finger Guard Damascus Spacer Oosik Handle THANKS FOR LOOKING
  12. Billy Helton

    Heat treating 440c

    Is there any to heat treat 440c in a forge. Would appericate any advice. Thanks Billy
  13. Billy Helton

    Thank You Ernie

    Well boys and girls I am a proud owner of a ernie swanson knife. I won I won I won a drawing at the KD booth here at the blade show. ernie The pictures dont do it justice, the finish is awsome, I wouldnt change a thing on the knife. Thank you for donating this knife, and thank you to the guys...
  14. Billy Helton

    Damascus Liner lock

    Here is a liner lock that I finshed up. Feels really good in the hand.Thanks for looking.
  15. Billy Helton

    1 attempt baskett weave

    After seeing bruce bumps wip had to try the weave patttern. First thanks bruce for the wip. Mine came out pretty good but like any thing practice practice. Controlling the pattern will be my challenge. Thanks for looking BH
  16. Billy Helton

    Heat Treat oven ?

    I am going to buy a heat treat oven. I have never used one I am looking for some tips on them Which one , which kind is better. I think I want 240v . Any help would be appericated. Thanks in advance Billy
  17. Billy Helton

    Helton Damascus Hunter

    I finished this little buger yesterday, This is the last of six knives I made to send to American Handgunner magizine. I met with Roy Hunting The publisher of the magizine and He gave me a go ahead on being in the magizine will be this winter probally by the time every thing gets done. Coments...
  18. Billy Helton

    Knife Give away

    I have seen many makers giving away stuff on this site, wanted to put one of my knives up for give away to say thanks . I will use To pick the number, your post will be your number, limit one post please to give every body a even chance. It will end wednessday at 8 pm central time...
  19. Billy Helton

    Ever Day Carry For Sale

    Ever Day Carry For Sale " SOLD" This is a stock removal knife, This is made to fit in your pockets,boots just about anywhere. My name is alot better now since I got with ernie grospitch. 1) 0-1 Steel SOLD 2) stone wash finish 3) Hollow Ground 10 wheel 4) over all length 5 5/8...
  20. Billy Helton

    Red Bone Stag Damaascus Hunter

    This is the first time I have used this dyed amber stag and its awsome. I was a little worried because when you get it its black but a little buffing and she shines. Thanks for looking.