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  1. opaul

    Band saw cutting issue?

    What steel type are you trying to cut. I had a HF and used HF blades and never had an issue.
  2. opaul

    VFDs out in the cold

    If not condensation how about cold damage to the led read out? I think the cold did that in on my bike display screen.
  3. opaul

    GeneK's KITH Bowie

    First class all the way!
  4. opaul

    Feather Hunter

    Beautiful pattern.
  5. opaul

    VFDs out in the cold

    WOW! Good point and timely email. I haven't thought about this but I should have. We had a very cold snap in NC a couple of years ago and the computer on my exercise bike went out (it was in my unheated building at the time.) Maybe something I should look into for really cold spells. Is 15...
  6. opaul

    Question- Sword vs knife

    It seems like I read or saw discussion about tempering. Perhaps that plays a role as well
  7. opaul

    Question- Sword vs knife

    I was watching FIF and the challenge weapon was a type of sword between 32-36” long. Both contestants used 80crv steel. It was amazing to see the bend/flex test. What is the secret to the HT to have a blade perform like that? I realize the length has something to do with it but I suspect a 8-10...
  8. opaul

    2019 Christmas Gift Exchange

    Who else is from NC?
  9. opaul

    Machined Stitched

    No. Yours is hand stitched. The real McCoy;()
  10. opaul

    KITH 2019 Finished

    I’ve been wanting one of those!! Does it come woohoo a sheath!!? ;)
  11. opaul

    Machined Stitched

    That’s a good one! But I can tell you not having to punch holes and hand stitching has sure made sheath making more enjoyable.
  12. opaul

    Machined Stitched

    I picked up a used Artisan 3200. It’s a beast.
  13. opaul

    OPaul’s new knife

    That looks fantastic! You did a great job on that Chris. I’m proud to be the recipient!
  14. opaul

    Machined Stitched

    Still have a long way to go but I'm enjoying the learning curve.
  15. opaul

    Machined Stitched

    I'm slowly getting the hang of my machine. I finished these sheaths this week.
  16. opaul

    thank you knife dogs

    This is a great forum.
  17. opaul

    Knives carried horizontally pics please

    Horsewright is my favorite. He and his wife do awesome work and he is quick to help and assist with advise.
  18. opaul

    EDC 1/8 or 3/16?

    What length blade are you thing? I prefer the thinner blade for edc/ hiking.
  19. opaul

    Bandsaw advice.

    Do your research and decide what’s best for you.
  20. opaul

    TKroenlein KITH 2019

    Very nice work indeed.