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  1. Tom Militano


    I haven't posted much lately or worked on any knives. I had four bypasses in 2008 and I have a bad tear in my stomach lining. The surgeon that was going to operate on it wouldn't do anything until he got a release from my cardiologist to put me under. My cardiologist ordered an EKG, a CT...
  2. Tom Militano

    Super Fast Service

    I ordered some supplies from Midwest Knifemakers Supply on a Friday and the package came on Monday. It don't get no better than that.
  3. Tom Militano


    Is anyone having trouble getting on Ebay? I keep getting a message saying server not found.
  4. Tom Militano

    Happy New Year!!!

    I hope everyone has a good, safe, New Year. Tom
  5. Tom Militano

    Forum Problem

    I just entered the forum this morning and three times now when I open a topic I've received a "threat detected" message. Now I just received the same message while I'm typing this message. Just thought I'd make you aware of this...
  6. Tom Militano

    Two More Hospital Stays

    I'm tired of hospitals, ambulance rides, and IV's, but I think I'm finally on the mend. I haven't set foot in my shop in a couple of months and I'm getting cabin fever. I have a doctor's appointment next week and if he turns me loose I'll be in the shop the next day. Not planning on doing...
  7. Tom Militano

    The Fighting Knife

    After reading SHOKR's post about making knives, "useful for dagger makers/users", I remembered I had a small book called "The Fighting Knife" written by W. D. Randall and Col Rex Applegate. I even remembered where I had stashed it. I've always subscribed to the theory that shooting the enemy...
  8. Tom Militano

    Hospital, Again

    I just got out of the hospital, again. I was very short of breath and my doctor took one look at me and told me to go straight to the hospital, the paperwork would be waiting on me when I got there. The problem stemmed from the fluids I was retaining. They gave me 240 mg of Lasix in one day...
  9. Tom Militano

    Anchor Chain

    More goodies. My grandson e-mailed me and siad a friend who's father owns a boat yard gave him some really big old links of anchor chain. He said they each weigh a bunch and he's bringing them home in November. Does anybody have any idea what these things are made of? He said they've been...
  10. Tom Militano

    Parker Blades

    A friend came by my shop today and handed me two Parker blades he's had laying around for a long time They've been ground and heat treated and have the Parker logo on them. One is some kind of skinner and the other is a small bowie type. Neither have had anything done besides what I...
  11. Tom Militano

    New Goodies Coming

    My son in NC called a couple of nights ago and told me a friend had given him a big anvil and a mig welder. He's coming home for Thanksgiving and will bring them both then. He said it took three of them to get the anvil into his truck. He's supposed to send me all the info on the welder soon...
  12. Tom Militano

    White Sprial Turned Handle Material

    A friend called me the other night asking if I knew where he could buy a white spiral turned handle. I saw some at the Blade Show last year, but don't remember who had them for sale and naturally I can't find them on the internet. I have a couple of black buffalo horn ones somebody gave me...
  13. Tom Militano

    Disc Grinder Work Rest

    I finally got around to mounting my disc grinder work rest. First let me say this is one solid, well thought out, well built work rest. I had to do a few simple mods to get it to work on my particular motor, just a few adjustments here and there. There's not one piece of plastic on this rest...
  14. Tom Militano

    Disc Grinder Work Rest

    I just ordered one of the disc grinder works rests that Tracy sells. I just put a new reversible motor on my disc grinder. I made two flat discs and one tapered disc when a friend I've known for years let me use a good size lathe in his machine shop. He retired and sold out. I didn't feel...
  15. Tom Militano

    Grounded Again

    I had to go back to my doctor about my leg Friday, it's still swollen, but nothing like it was, but I'm grounded again until I see him next Friday I'm on new antibiotic. He told me that he wanted me to lay flat as much as I can with my leg elevated. I told him I had slept in my leather desk...
  16. Tom Militano


    I got released from the hospital, after about four or five days. I had a very serious infection in my left leg, it was three times it's normal size and blood red from the knee down. The doctor called it cellulitis. The had me on IV's loaded with some potent antibiotics. I have to lay flat...
  17. Tom Militano

    3M Feathering Adhesive

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but I'm curious to know if 3M Feathering Adhesive comes in spray form or just in a tube. Thanks...
  18. Tom Militano

    Hollow Handle Knife

    Here's one I just finished up that's going to a young man in the 82nd Airborne Div. The handle is the one of the survival hollow handles from the USA Knifemaker supply site. I hollow ground the blade out of 5160. The OAL is 12 3/8", blade is 6 7/8", 1/4" thick, and 1" wide. I bead blasted...
  19. Tom Militano

    Head Spinner

    I've been making knives for 30 years or so and have never had a head spinner until I had one that I ordered show up yesterday. How are you using these things, by hand, drill press, etc? I've never used one or seen one used, but bought it mainly because I wanted to try one. Any suggestions...
  20. Tom Militano

    Yellow Jacket Sting

    There I was, minding my own business in the shop, working on a handle. It was almost ready to hit the buffer and all of a sudden it felt like somebody hit me in the back of the head with a club. I threw my hand back there and swatted a yellow jacket off my neck. It was my turn to deal out...