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    Damascus hunter

    Here's one I just finished up. I've been doing more Damascus lately, and trying to up my game in that regard. This one is 99 layer multibar opposing twist of 1084/15n20. It's also my first time to use Damascus fittings. The handle is a nice piece of Tasmanian blackwood. The Texas...
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    Sneezin and Coffin

    The ragweed these days is kicking my butt. Spent the better part of the long weekend sneezing and working on these two blades, both custom orders. One is a 99 layer multi-bar opposing twist Damascus with a fine piece of mesquite burl. The other is a more utilitarian forged 1084 with natural...
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    AEBL and Amboyna kitchen knife

    Here's one I just finished up. I've done about 12 or 15 chef knives, but after some feedback from a professional chef, and after gawking at some of his $2500+ knives, I made a few changes to this one. This knife is narrower in the neck and has more contour to the handle than I've done before...
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    Damascus small bowie, Texas historical materials

    Twice a year I make a knife with Texas historical materials. This is the knife from spring of 2019. The knife features my random pattern Damascus of 1084/15n20. The guard is wrought iron from the first railroad into Dallas, 1872. The dark spacers are blued mild steel from the gate of the...
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    Call for Submissions... Do you want to be a published author?

    I am the editor of an anthology centered around the theme of “Next Level Knifemaking.” We currently have 13 chapters and a publishing contract in hand, and are looking for more material. I am seeking chapters, articles, or essays for inclusion in this project. Most of the existing chapters are...
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    Texas History hunter

    I just got a professional picture back on this knife. The handle is 1912 Bodark fence post. The spacers are world war two practice bomb material. The blued file worked frame is mild steel. The guard is wrought iron wagon wheel from my great great grandfather George Kromer of Spicewood Texas. The...
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    Ball peen to spike hawk

    tarted from a ball peen about 16 oz, USA stamped. Forgot that my phone was plugged in, but I got a few pics later in the process. Here it is after some of the Blade was beginning to be forged out, right before I started drifting the eye. A bit more forging... Forged to shape all but the...
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    Still alive :)

    The Texas Knifemakers' Guild is still very much alive and well, although we don't use this forum much at all. Look us up on Facebook, as that's our most interactive platform. Our website works as well, Thanks, Jason Fry President, Texas Knifemakers' Guild.
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    San Mai Pocket Bowie

    You guys may have seen my recent thread about my power hammer build. Before I built that, I welded this three layer billet by hand. 15n20 outside over a 1084 core. This small Bowie is just shy of 11 inches overall. The handle is ringed gidgee from Australia.
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    Damascus Frame Handle for Lone Star show

    I've just begun venturing into making my own Damascus. This was my second billet, 160 layers of random pattern 1080 and 15n20. I rounded out the knife with polished stainless fittings and some dark giraffe bone on a fileworked frame handle. OAL is 9 1/2" or so. I'll have this knife and...
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    My first sword: Civil War artillery sword

    Here's a project I've been working on off and on for several weeks. It started as a leaf spring from a wrecked Dodge truck. It is styled after a Confederate artillery short sword, which is very similar to a cutlass or a giant D-guard Bowie. Overall length is 25" with a 20" blade, and sanded...
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    My first Damascus blade

    Over the years I've used other folks' Damascus steel quite a few times. This blade is the first one from my own Damascus. This is 21 layers of Aldo's original 1084 and some 15n20. The guard is wrought iron wagon rim that belonged to my great great grandfather, George Kromer. The handle is...
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    Another Texas Heritage Bowie

    Here's the latest from my shop, the first knife of 2017. The steel is forged W2. The guard is wrought iron from the first railroad into Dallas in 1872. The wood is spalted sycamore from the grounds at the Texas Capitol. The coin is an 1836 half dollar, the year Texas won her independence from...
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    Texas Heritage Bowie

    I just got pictures back from Johnny Stout of a knife I did a few months ago. It was intended to go to Governor Abbott (of Texas) to celebrate the passing of HB1935 which legalized bowie knife carry. Unfortunately hurricane Harvey literally rained on our party, so we haven't closed the deal...
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    Texas Heritage Hunter

    Back nearly ten years ago when I began the knifemaking journey, I was fascinated by the idea of making a knife from something special, not just from stuff you could buy on Ebay. While I've purchased a zillion dollars worth of supplies since then, the fascination for "story" never left. I'll...
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    Texas Rasp Bowie

    I haven't done a rasp knife in at least 6 years, finding the heat treatment inconsistent enough to not be worth messing with very often. When I first saw Robert Belcher's Carvex Texas Flag scales, I knew it would take a big knife to do them justice, and this is what I came up with. The 14"...
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    A batch of kitchen knives for Lone Star Knife Expo

    I haven't been around much lately. My wife and I had twin boys on March 9, to go with our 12 and 13 year old boys. Let's just say I haven't slept much, lol. Over the last four days, I've really hit it hard in the shop getting ready for the Lone Star Knife Expo in Dallas this weekend. Knowing...
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    TKG board elections

    All paid TKG members on Facebook (that's 95% of us) have been added to a "paid members" group. We will manage the upcoming board member elections through this members-only group. If by chance you see this here and haven't noticed it on FB, come check it out.
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    W2 hunter

    I love it when I get an order for a knife and have just a few suggestions and a budget, so I'm free to make the knife however I like within boundaries. This one was an order like that. Ended up with a forged W2 hunter with a hamon, plum browned mild steel fittings with a few stainless...
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    Forged 1084 Hunter for Lubbock

    Here's a knife I just finished up for the show the Texas Knifemakers Guild is doing in Lubbock October 8/9. This one is forged from 1" X 1/4 1084 with a stainless guard and stabilized mesquite. Obvious Fisk/ABS style influences. Top one in this pic.