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  1. Rick Otts

    First Knife

  2. Rick Otts

    Congrats Bruce Bump

    Congrats on that nice Tessallation Fighter in Blade mag this month!
  3. Rick Otts

    How many?

    How many days a week are you in your shop? I get 2 to 3 myself but I know I need more time in there.
  4. Rick Otts


    Earlier I was grinding a blade and had to stop.Well later I went down to finish and put a new 60 on.Well this thing was going left and right about a 1/4" so I checked everything and it seemed ok for my knowledge anyway.So for the heck of it I put the old 60 on and it was fine also tried a new...
  5. Rick Otts

    Bad heat treat?

    I HTed my 1st blade 1084 1450 for 4 min.I then tempered at 350 2 times.Now when I run a file across it it leaves a line wat should I do retemper?
  6. Rick Otts

    The Montana Porch Painter

    High quality work reasonable rates! Hey Ed you did a great job on that porch my hats off to you.I have got stuck doing the same many times.
  7. Rick Otts


    Ok on my KMG it tracks fine until I put the small wheel attchment on.The belt will move in the back but not on the small wheel and it hits the side.Ok any ideas?
  8. Rick Otts

    Scale thickness

    Wat is your favorite thickness to use? I ask because I see some real thin ones being sold mainly wood.
  9. Rick Otts


    Well KMG raised their price a little but now has free shipping!
  10. Rick Otts

    KMG lovers!

    KMG is got their disc grinders on sale for 750.00
  11. Rick Otts

    Combat Abavises

    Ok my spelling stinks but has anyone used them and wats your thoughts?
  12. Rick Otts

    Hardness tester

    Has anyone checked out the hardness tester at Grizzly? under 1000.00 was wondering wat people thought.
  13. Rick Otts

    Hardness tester file set.

    Ok I have seen 2 of these one costs $49.00 and the other $169.00 wat could be the difference?
  14. Rick Otts

    KO or KF

    Wat is the difference? I see the price of the Tap controller varies with different models.
  15. Rick Otts

    Rotary platen

    OK wat is the big deal behind them?
  16. Rick Otts

    A few new knives

    Just a couple knifes I been working on I have not did the holes yet.I tried buffing but forgot to remove the oil thus the mess.
  17. Rick Otts

    Line in blade?

    I am grinding this blank and get to 120 grit when I notice a line in the blade that runs N and S and I am thinking how could I have done that it's smooth so it don't look like I did it on a pass.I reground the blank and it's still there any ideas a pic won't help you can only feel it I would...
  18. Rick Otts

    USA Knife Making

    Tried to get on but it won't let me are they having problems? I ask beacuse my net was down for 4 days.
  19. Rick Otts

    Shop heating

    I was wondering how the cold and dampness affects the machines we use beacuse I got a nice size garage but the only time I would be able to heat it is when I was in it with a salamander will this effect the electric like the motors or VFD?
  20. Rick Otts

    Sitting here

    Well I am sitting here boiling traps for this trapping season waiting on the mail for my belts to come in!