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  1. franklin

    Finished a few

    thanks guys
  2. franklin

    Finished a few

    Here are some resent few I have finished thought I would stop in and share
  3. franklin

    5160 hunter w/bright green liner

    Well rick all you need to do is buy cat liter lol
  4. franklin

    Hello form Minnesota

    I would go with what boss said start slow and learn with each one you finish,welcome aboard.
  5. franklin

    5160 hunter w/bright green liner

    Thank you sir wish I could better pic of handles you see some metal screen material plus some burlap throughout the clear and black acrylic here is a little better one
  6. franklin

    5160 hunter w/bright green liner

    Kind of like the burlap black handle with bright green liner it Kind of screams at you lol
  7. franklin

    Leather wrapped handle help

    Well like I said not really fond of it but people seem to like it,I am taking it to the Janesville show if people seem to not like it I'm removing the leather wrap and starting over.
  8. franklin

    Elmax and Ipe camp knife

    I was just thinking did you change your logo?
  9. franklin

    CPM M4 and Desert Ironwood Louth

    Nice one my friend!!
  10. franklin

    Spalted neck knife

    How have you been, wooops
  11. franklin

    Little hunter in red

    If you like the red I Can't wait, I have some interesting new handle material for a knife to post, it has burlap and some type of wire and clear acrylic in it it's pretty cool. I am still trying to find out were my friend got it from.
  12. franklin

    Spalted neck knife

    Yup getting back to my roots Now the shops back up starting to do more forging And going to put together my press this summer. I have you been ?
  13. franklin

    Spalted neck knife

    Little necker ready for the Janesville wi show this month. 1095 with red g-10 liner under spalted tamerand.
  14. franklin

    Leather wrapped handle help

    Well stormcrow it absorbed it just fine but it's not all that pretty but sure is comfortable, so Have not made up my mind yet to keep or redo or sand down a little.
  15. franklin

    Pocket carry

    Very nice I like that shape.
  16. franklin

    Chef's knife - Hand Forged 52100

    That's a great looking knife!
  17. franklin

    Little hunter in red

    1084 steel 3 1/2 inch blade Stabilized and dyed red maple I believe
  18. franklin

    Oregonian Here

  19. franklin


    Welcome aboard.
  20. franklin

    Hello from Gillian’s Knives