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  1. Dennis Morland

    2019 Christmas Gift Exchange

    Hey All: I stole most of this information from last year. Jess Hoffman posted it up. I sent him a pm and did not hear back. So, I am going to post this up to see if anyone has an inkling to do a Christmas Exchange this year? Time for the Knife Dogs Christmas Exchange. Most of you know what...
  2. Dennis Morland

    Roper wallet

    My 19 year old college son asked me to make him a roper style wallet. Hope he likes it.
  3. Dennis Morland

    Broken blade

    I was cruising along on a fillet knife. In process of fitting the guard. And snapped the blade. It twisted a touch when driving the guard on but I did not think much of it. Any of you stainless users see anything as to the “why”??
  4. Dennis Morland

    Anvil price

    Any ideas about a good price. I am at an auction and need some help. 141 lbs.
  5. Dennis Morland

    4x36 belts

    Does anyone use a 4x36. Years ago I started with one. I have a few belts. Someone needs these. Speak up...first come first served. Claim them and they are yours.
  6. Dennis Morland

    Memorial Day Check-in

    Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Lets see what you will be working on. For me, a couple of full tang 8 inch hunters. Hardened, tempered and working on the bolsters. I will cut the bevels on a 7 inch fillet in 440c. I will rough bevel and heat treat a 6 inch hidden tang hunter and a 4.5 inch...
  7. Dennis Morland

    Leather stamps

    I recently acquired a deceased leather maker’s tools. I have a few duplicates for trade. I am open to just about anything knife and leather related. Scales, blocks, g10, what you got?? 8 crafttool stamps that have been used. These run anywhere from $5 to $8 at Tandy. Here are the numbers...
  8. Dennis Morland

    Bowie Sheath

    In another WIP I did my best to make my very first Bowie knife. Or my interpretation of a Bowie knife. The knife is almost complete, so it is time to make a sheath. For all that struggle with leather sheaths, I will do my best to chronicle this sheath build in a WIP/build along. If anyone...
  9. Dennis Morland

    My son’s sword project

    My son had to make a project for his schools English class. He chose a two handed sword. We researched a bit and looked at dozens of pictures on the internet. Here is his rendition. It could not be sharpened or he would not be able to take it into the school. We did not harden it, either...
  10. Dennis Morland

    WIP Bowie knife

    It has been so cold in the garage through the winter months here in Nebraska. I am way too cheap to buy propane to heat the place. So I have been on a little vacation from knives until it warmed up a bit. I got a bit of leather work completed in the warmth of my basement, but, no knives. I...
  11. Dennis Morland

    Winter leather projects

    It has been very cold here in Nebraska. Way too cold to make knives in the garage without a heater. I am too cheap to buy propane to heat so I have been doing some leather work in the house. I started with a few wallets for my kids/cousin. I have never made a wallet. Turned out okay. I...
  12. Dennis Morland

    Latest sheath and a few firsts...

    Just finished up this sheath for a knife getting donated to DU banquet next Wednesday. Made it by a week. Still need to sharpen and clean up the knife. I will make it in time. The sheath has a couple of first times for me. First thing me with Mexican round braid finished successfully...
  13. Dennis Morland

    Leather notebooks

    Not sheaths. Just some leather mini notebooks that I recently finished up.
  14. Dennis Morland

    Morland's KITH WIP

    I have struggled a bit with deciding what to build. opaul set the guidelines and I will build within those parameters. BTW: opaul thank you for setting this up. I have enjoyed the previous KITH entries that I have made. Looking forward to this one also. I'm just a little bit lost on a...
  15. Dennis Morland

    Any hints on sanding 440C

    I have mostly used carbon steels like 1075, 1084 and 1095. I never had any complaints about hand sanding. Almost always start at 100 grit, and proceed to 180 grit, 240, 320 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit, etc. etc. etc. Recently, I started using 440C. Man, is it hard. And, hard to sand. It seems...
  16. Dennis Morland


    Does anyone else use PostImage for their hosting site? If so, what is going on with their site? I noticed all my pictures disappeared here on KD, again. Arghhhh!
  17. Dennis Morland

    Snakewood scales needed

    I am looking for a nice set of snakewood scales. 3/8 x 4 x 1.75 or larger. On the small size side. Would take a block that could be split. I have all kinds of handle material to trade. Stabilized and nonstabilized wood, buffalo horn, G10, elk rolls, etc. I'm sure we could arrange a fair...
  18. Dennis Morland

    Tightening a loose sheath?

    Does anyone have a trick or two on tightening a loose sheath... Wickett and Craig leather with lacing? It is not extremely loose. I just want it to be a wee bit snugger. Is it possible? Hints or tips? Thank you in advance.
  19. Dennis Morland

    My buddy made a knife or two

    One of my best friends asked me to help him make a knife. I have had lots of people ask me to do this. I always start with asking them, "what kind of knife?". I move on to "what do you want it to look like?". Do you have a picture or sketch? Sizing? Usually, they give up. My buddy did not...
  20. Dennis Morland

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Many of you know me by DeMo. I had my user name updated to my real name. Photobucket went AWOL. Here was my old thread. I will miss it and all the time/energy/work that went into creating it. Don't get me started... Lots and lots of...