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  1. John Wilson

    Wood stabilizing question

    I am in complete agreement with Chris. I am not going to say that stabilizing is snake oil, because there are some woods that absolutely need it because they are punky, have voids, or are prone to checking. But knives, swords, axes, and guns have existed up til now, all before stabilizing was...
  2. John Wilson

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Wow! What a beauty!
  3. John Wilson

    Wood stabilizing question

    I have never stabilized my own, but I have certainly discovered that not all stabilizing is equal. Almost all of the stabilized wood I have bought, from many sellers, has been done by K&G. It's what I'm used to when I use stabilized wood. But I have bought blocks at knife shows that are...
  4. John Wilson

    Chef Knife Done

    It's amazing how the camera and lighting work together to find every minuscule micron-sized piece of debris and every errant scratch that you don't see during the 500 times you looked at the knife! Looks like you might have had to do some hand sanding after the blade was affixed to the handle...
  5. John Wilson

    Ironwood bowie...

    There is just something both rugged and elegant about your knives, John. That is a masterful thing to accomplish.
  6. John Wilson

    Straight cuts on the Bandsaw

    I gave up on getting perfect cuts on my bandsaw. I cut the slabs a hair thick and use a fly cutter on my mini mill to flatten them. You can put a nice wide blade on a wood cutting bandsaw and get straight cuts, but then you can’t cut curves. Flattening the scales later turned out to be faster...
  7. John Wilson

    Pipe Threader turned Twister

    Ha! I can relate to the old motors. We forget how utterly simple life has gotten now that we common folk have access to 3-phase. Reversing any two wires to make the roundy-roundy go the other way is a godsend. A lot of those old motors were not induction motors. They had comutators to...
  8. John Wilson

    Wet Formed sheath/pouch

    That’s good to know on the threads available. For the price of the machine I think it’s well worth trying. If I was doing leather as a significant part of my business I’d break down and get an industrial machine, but not for less than 20 sheaths a year.
  9. John Wilson

    Wet Formed sheath/pouch

    I don’t do a ton of leather sheaths, but when I do it tends to come in batches. I’m getting tired of ripping the skin off my fingers tightening each pass of hand sewn saddle stitches. Will this machine run waxed thread?
  10. John Wilson

    Handle finish for Chef Knife

    Tru-Oil is as good as anything I’ve found for kitchen knives. I have had two customers run their knives through the dishwasher and had to send them back for me to refinish the handle for them. I don’t know of any finish that will stand up to that. But my wife is probably harder on her knives...
  11. John Wilson

    New Demascus Drop Point

    Stunner! You knocked it out of the park!
  12. John Wilson

    Chef knife quandary

    that makes perfect sense. i have one of those swords, a WWII bring back from my grandfather. Unfortunately some kid got a hold of it and took the edge to a grinder somewhere along the line, probably in the 50s or 60s.
  13. John Wilson

    New Files advice

    thanks Ed!
  14. John Wilson

    What's going on in your shop?

    Here’s one going out today. Customer requested a blue handle. It’s unusual but he loves it.
  15. John Wilson

    Chef knife quandary

    How were the old swords done? I’m thinking of the German hunting swords with the full length hunting scenes if you’re familiar with them. Were they hand engraved or was it an etching process?
  16. John Wilson

    Chef knife quandary

    Ed, can a blade be engraved prior to hardening? Or will the heat treat process ruin the engraving?
  17. John Wilson

    New Files advice

    This is very interesting, Ed. Are you making the distal taper point from where the tang meets the ricasso (that makes perfect sense to me), because the way I'm reading this is that you actually make the transition forward of the guard and the ricasso is already tapering down as it approaches...
  18. John Wilson

    Hello from Fairfield, CA

    Welcome! Years ago I use to travel to Fairfield quite a bit, mostly doing work at the AB brewery. This is the best site in the world for someone who wants to dip their toe in the waters of knifemaking. Friendliest bunch of knifemakers there is.
  19. John Wilson

    New Files advice

    You will want a good set of needle files, but the workhorse of files is the Mill Bastard File. This is the file that will square your blade shoulders as well as do work on your guard face. Then you will want a round file. I like a 1/4" and an 1/8". If you have to start with only one, a...
  20. John Wilson

    What's going on in your shop?

    Whoa whoa whoa... a tilting, direct drive KMG?! When did this happen?