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  1. Bill Hubbell

    WIP... Building a SERIOUS welding forge.

    I watched that WIP with envy :-) . If I ever have the funds to upgrade, I will be looking at it again! Looks like it would last a long time with minimal maintenance. Thx Ed
  2. Bill Hubbell

    Photos of some of my past knives! Part-3

    Sorry to hear of your troubles, Chris. Wish I was closer and we could patch up some of your house stuff. It's hard to know why stuff is like it is sometimes. Hang in there and know that many here on Knife dogs really appreciate your experience and wise input! I'd still like to see the finished...
  3. Bill Hubbell

    Photos of some of my past knives! Part-3

    Chris- Very interesting to hear your story. I like the profile on that Bowie, too- and several other touches you displayed. I'm curious what you are planning for the guard on the Bowie (looking at your drawing). Also, I have a forged 'rasp knife' with stag handle that's waiting for a sheath. I...
  4. Bill Hubbell

    ATP Anti-Scale in a gas forge

    Thanks for your input. Kevin. The anti-scale compound came today. I will forget the torch idea, use the ATP anti-scale, heat cautiously in my gas forge up to non-magnetic, and quench in the canola I have (after heating it up). Then, unless I hear otherwise, I'll do 2 temper cycles at 400...
  5. Bill Hubbell

    Two day apprentice....

    Now that is slick! Everyone is different, but there's not much that I enjoy more than helping someone along that path of making a knife (even though it stretches me sometimes :-) ). I hope it is as rewarding for you! And along the way, I'm sure he's learning much more than just how to make a...
  6. Bill Hubbell

    Just wanted to update everyone

    Dang, Ed! Glad to hear of the good (better?) news. I can only imagine how many people are lifting you up to the one who we are celebrating. If you could only see how many people you bless, here and I imagine everywhere you go.-and how God is using this to bring scores of us to our knees for you...
  7. Bill Hubbell

    Work Rest PDF Plans

    Nice! But, I notice you aren't offering anyone a free PDF for the pink and purple grinding accessories off to the right - but those are probably top secret prototypes, too!?
  8. Bill Hubbell

    ATP Anti-Scale in a gas forge

    Looking for input- I am making a new blade for a lock-blade folder that my wife gave me about 30 years ago for an anniversary present. I was stupid enough back then to let a hardware store employee 'sharpen' my knife. He destroyed it, and it's been sitting in my drawer ever since. I've never...
  9. Bill Hubbell

    Looking for some aluminum brackets

    Here is that piece of aluminum. It was a piece of 4x6, 1/4 inch wall aluminum tube. I used a piece of it to make my grinding jig. I'm keeping enough around to make another if that one wears out (think I'll live that long?!). So, if 1/4 inch thick would work for you, I would cut off enough for...
  10. Bill Hubbell

    Looking for some aluminum brackets

    I might have some material that is 1/4" thick. Think that would work since you are going 2" wide instead of 1" wide? - but then again, your tapped holes wouldn't be holding by as many threads. I'll look through my junk tomorrow and let you know if I come up with anything. Bill
  11. Bill Hubbell

    Just wanted to update everyone

    'Doing something stupid' can start to look like a good 'solution' out of our pain sometimes, but the kicker is: it's always a terrible solution for those we'd leave behind. And as some have called it: "a permanent solution to a temporary problem" (at least we are hoping this is temporary and you...
  12. Bill Hubbell

    Christmas Exchange 2018!

    Actually got mine off on schedule- 'first time for everything'. Thx for making this go!
  13. Bill Hubbell

    Christmas Exchange 2018!

    I want in. Thx to all who put this together!
  14. Bill Hubbell

    OK.... Another for the Blade Show

    That's a beaut! It all works and the damascus is stunning!
  15. Bill Hubbell

    What's going on in your shop?

    Looks great, Justin! I'll bet that feels good!
  16. Bill Hubbell

    What's going on in your shop?

    I've been out of commission (for knife-making) for over a year, but hope to be getting back in the groove soon. We moved, put up a shop/garage, and I think I finally see a light at the end of that long tunnel. Getting the forge functional again puts me one step closer. Admins: I guess I've...
  17. Bill Hubbell

    Maker’s Mark

    I'm sorry to hear of that option being discontinued, as I am looking for a new approach to etching my mark. I don't know that the size of yours is bad (too big), but it might be for smaller knives. It does look like it could be sharper/more crisp tho. I've been out of commission for about a...
  18. Bill Hubbell

    CF & copper

  19. Bill Hubbell

    Started Forging my First Forged Knife tonight

    Nothing like 'doing' to learn- and sounds like you are enjoying yourself in the process- I think that's the most important 'ability'! Your knife looks great, especially for the first forged. I wondered what size propane tank you were using. Switching to a larger tank might save you a lot of...
  20. Bill Hubbell


    Wayne, just to clarify, do you mean that Kast-O-Lite is a better product and much cheaper than ITC 100? ("ITC-100 is terribly expensive and a better product, according to Mike Porter, and is much cheaper.") (and thanks for all your help a few years ago when I was building my forge!) Bill