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  1. C Craft

    Calling the resin casters!

    Not really sure what kind of casting your talking about but, this link here is all about casting, If you use the links at the bottom of each page, it will take you to the link on casting! The do's and don'ts and how to overcome them.
  2. C Craft

    Calling the resin casters!

    So I have been bragging about the West System epoxies!! Take a look at this thread! Then go to this link! At the bottom of each page is a link to move forward and backward. The...
  3. C Craft

    West System Epoxies

    So for those who don't have the magazine. Start with this link. It is the 50th Anniversary edition and there is also a place to order the digital magazine!! At the bottom of the page a link to move forward and backward...
  4. C Craft

    West System Epoxies

    Ed, one day I hope to meet you in person, you reached out and answered a dumb newbie's question when I first started! You even told me that it was a good question not a dumb one! :cool:
  5. C Craft

    Magazine Feature

    Real nice piece! That is the kind of exposure everyone needs!! Congrats!
  6. C Craft

    Two Blade Trapper

    Absolutely top shelf work!!
  7. C Craft

    West System Epoxies

    I think the color of those blue shop towels will move with solvent. I haven't used any in a while! What they are talking of is contamination at glue-up. That is why you want to use quality towels that don't leave lint behind! But Hey call their experts and let them give you an answer to the...
  8. C Craft

    West System Epoxies

    OK guys, I was trying to be funny! Sometimes my sense of humor can be a little off! :p Seriously, though this addition of there little magazine has some of the best advice I have heard. After all they have been doing this for 50yrs. now! One tip in this addition says cleaning before gluing...
  9. C Craft

    West System Epoxies

    So I am going to attempt to help those who are believer's in West System Epoxies. Never would attempt to get in the "Glue Wars"! So if you are not interested in the WEST SYSTEM Epoxies. Close this thread and move on!!! Now if you are interested their is...
  10. C Craft

    Frather Damascus

    Hey just yanking your chain Fred about the spelling! That is really great work on that pattern. It flows better than most I have seen!! I can't wait to see this one finished out!!
  11. C Craft

    Frather Damascus

    Damn, Fred you got everything right but the spelling on that one! o_O:p Sorry couldn't resist that one!! Really nice the way the pattern gravitates your eye to the point of the knife!! Well done sir!
  12. C Craft

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    I haven't made an update in a while. We were kind of enjoying the off time after Kathy finished her chemo and radiation. She started her first treatment of immune therapy. If your interested here is some reading on it! Her doctor...
  13. C Craft

    Ebony and Damascus Sgian Dbuh

    Agree with Dennis! You took this hobby and blew it out of the water!
  14. C Craft

    Damascus Bowie

    Gene you knocked this one out of the park, with that combination. What are the spacers made from. I like that kind of (dusty look) for lack of a better terminology!! The idea of the spacer in the middle with the notches sits the whole thing off!! I have been working on that idea for a while but...
  15. C Craft

    Bowie WIP

    Damn, you knocked that one out of the park Ken! So how about some dimensions? You done good on the pics as well!
  16. C Craft

    What are your favorite tools for a dremel?

    Sean, I never stroked. But I had the brain bleed for about 45 days. I kept telling my doctor that I was having headaches. I have a history of sinus headaches, and that is what they kept telling me this was. I tried to tell them it was a different type of headache. My mother passed shortly after...
  17. C Craft

    Online article I was featured in.

    Real nice. definitely a feather in your cap!! That may bring you more business than you know what to do with!!
  18. C Craft

    What are your favorite tools for a dremel? According to this site it is what they use to create a hole in the brain bucket!! Been there, done that, and while it is better than the stroke you will have if the pressure on the brain is not relieved. It is not...
  19. C Craft

    Scored a 150 LB Fisher anvil in amazing condition!

    The anvil looks like its never been used!
  20. C Craft

    Hand Stitching idea……

    Something to keep in mind! When you punch a hole on the front you are probably following a groove made by your leather grooving tool!! When you punch true the sheath you need to be 90* to the sheath. Or the back side stitching will be all over the place and it looks like Do-Do! It is easy to...