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  1. mike miller

    Cleaning stencils

    I set up this morning to put my mark on 7 blades I had finished. I use etcher with stencils. I did the first one and headed for the sink to make up some soapy water to clean the stencil I had carried my coffee cup with cold coffee to dump and what the heck sunk the stencil in the coffee. Awesome...
  2. mike miller


    I always liked the pattern.
  3. mike miller

    Who makes lockback folders.

    Have a friend looking for a decent one. Custom or factory.
  4. mike miller

    KGA Knife Show 2019

    Somehow I forget to post on this forum but here goes. The 2019 edition will be held at H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City, Ok. March 2 from 9 am to 5pm. Admission is free to the event. We will have BladeSport Cutting Competition starting at 11 am for men and women. Forging demos by David...
  5. mike miller

    Identify wood

    Got into an old stash to use some wood and do not remember what it is. Light brown almost a rosy hue to it? Any help is appreciated.
  6. mike miller

    Rise and Fall Indicator

    I have a USAKnifeMakers rise and fall indicator for sale. i want $100 plus shipping. They sell for $150.
  7. mike miller

    Three folders books for sale

    I have these for sale. They have never been in the shop only viewed TV time. $100.00 each shipped Continental USA.
  8. mike miller

    Spalted pecan and black canvas micarta

    Black canvas micarta cross- cut scales are 5 inches long by 2 inches wide and 3/8 inch thick . 3 sets of 2 $25.00 each shipped Stabilized spalted Oklahoma pecan block just back from K&G shop Pecan is 5 to 5 1/4 long by 3 to 3 3/4 wife and 1 7/8 thick. There are some worm holes but mainly filled...
  9. mike miller


    Finishing up stamping sheath this evening. Blue prickly pear with black micarta boldter. Prickly can me from GlenRoach on facebook. Check his scales out.
  10. mike miller

    Won't let you access Knifedogs

    Says your site is insecure. This connection is not private. May be impersonating Knifedogs to steal your info.
  11. mike miller

    Ray Kirk Integral DVD

    Chris Crawford has just brought his newest dvd. Ray demonstrated how he does his integrals. It’s an hour and forty minutes of good information. Now available from Chris!
  12. mike miller

    KGA Shop Tour this weekend

    we are all meeting at Ray Kirk's Shop at Talequah, Ok. Ray is demoing proper heat temp to get your damascus to properly weld. Brion Tomberlin is showing how to get your hamon to show the best. iron-in-the-hat after lunch. Lots of good visiting and making new friends. Tailgate sales are welcome...
  13. mike miller

    Friends of the NRA knife

    Banquet is Saturday night in Claremore,Oklahoma. Denny is a good friend and needed a knife. First with copper and adding copper spacers. Thank goodness for the disc grinder to flatten items. Alabama Damascus thank you Brad Vice. Dark stabilized buckeye burl.
  14. mike miller

    KGA Knife Show March 3

    The Knife Group of Oklahoma will be holding their 15th Show at H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City. This is our Fourth show at their facility. Hours of show 9am to 4pm. Free Admisssion. Blade sports will be holding a cutting competition during the show. There will also be forging demos during...
  15. mike miller

    Micarta rod or pin

    im looking for 3/32 or 1/8 inch black micarta pin material. Does anyone carry this anymore?
  16. mike miller

    Larry parsons sheath

    I did a 5 inch buffalo skinner for a graduation present for a guy. The California Buckeye was finished with a 1997 nickel. Then to class it up , he had Larry Parsons do a basket weave with his son initials. Awesome
  17. mike miller

    KGA Custom Knife Show

    The fellows at the H&H Shooting Sports facility have generously allowed us the use of their classroom for this years show. We will be set up Saturday March 5 from 9 am to 5 pm. We have 16 knife makers from Oklahoma,Arkansas, and Texas offering their wares for sale. This year we will also have a...
  18. mike miller

    Wanenmachers Arms Show m

    It is this weekend at the fairgrounds in Tulsa. 4200 tables in one building. 11 acres under one roof. 30 to 40 knife makers of all styles and skills. i will be set up at 5c8 topside. Come and visit!!!
  19. mike miller

    Wanenmachers Fall Show

    I am ahead of the game so far. Start with a D2 with orange g-10 handle. Middle one BG-42 steel with coffee bag burlap. Last CPM154 with Thunderstorm Kevlar handle.
  20. mike miller

    ATS-34 supplier?

    Title says it all. Admiral no longer has it. Who does?