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    San Mai Question

    I'm not to the point of even trying San Mai, but I was just sitting here considering what I'd do...........if I could. ;) I'd like to make a heavy chopper for my brother. I want it tough as nails, but also want it to have some flair. My first thought was Damascus, but Walter Sorrell told me...
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    I've got a "how thick" problem with my forge build.

    If this thread is in the wrong forum, please move it. I've started laying out on paper the exact dimensions of my forge..........showing the inside measurement of the 12" square pipe and the 2 1/2" thick K-26 soft brick all the way around. What I end up with is a forge cavity sized 6 1/4" x 6...
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    Yeah, it's finished!

    Got my vacuum setup finished today and it'll pull 27" under the 9" bell. I'm a happy puppy. Can't wait to start stabilizing handle blanks. Got my hands full with several (too many) projects right now but hope to stabilize some wood in the next few weeks. Ought to work a treat! "Happy days...
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    K26 soft brick

    Anyone have a "line" on the least expensive supplier of K26 soft brick?
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    Buffing wheels

    I'm headed to Jantz tomorrow to pick up a bunch of supplies. Want two wheels dedicated to polishing. Have never used sisal wheels before, but have used felt. Which is more recommended for polishing knife blades?
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    High Temp K-probe and Digital Thermometer

    I'm looking for a 3,000 degree F K-probe and accompanying thermometer. Anyone have any suggestions that won't break the bank?
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    Reversing compressor/vacuum pump

    I came across a Speed-aire oil-less piston compressor/vacuum pump. Want to use it for my scale stabilizing. Right now it's working like a compressor. Can't figure out how to make it a vacuum pump. Tore it all apart and couldn't see anything inside that indicated it could be reversed. Anyone...
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    Silicone Sheet

    I'm planning on using my 9" diameter by 8" deep vacuum bell for stabilizing handle scales. I've located a vacuum pump. Now all I need is a silicone sheet to put on the "floor" of the chamber to seal the bell. Any suggestions as to the thickness of the sheet and where I might buy it? I'm...
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    Before or after?

    Just received my Cactus Juice today. Don't have my vacuum setup completed, but do have a question. Do you stabilize the blank before you cut it into two scales, or after? I'm assuming after, but thought it good to at least ask.
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    Dog's Head hammers

    Having never pushed hot metal, I joined a local blacksmith's organization recently so I could become exposed to forge, fire and tools. Last night at the gathering, I noticed several guys using Japanese made dog's head hammers. In asking questions, a lot of accolades were made about what they...
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    Epoxying question for you "seasoned" pros.

    I'm in the process of making a carving knife for myself right now. Decided to put the extra time into it to make it uniquely mine. This is the first stacking of materials I've done on a knife handle. So I'm stacking, front to back, Gabon Ebony, .040" brass, .040" red fiber, 1/4" Walrus Ivory...
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    Yup, another Maker's Mark question.

    Nope, not Maker's Mark thebottled kind..........though I used to drink my and your share of it.............but I digress! ;) Right now I'm concentrating on learning how to make top quality carving knives. Not really going to make any money on them, but wouldn't mind building a reputation as a...
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    Bevel Grinding Jig

    Well, I've just completed my Bevel Grinding Jig. The "ledge" for setting the blade on may seem high to most of you, but I am beveling small carving knife blades.
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    File work

    I've always found file work on the spine of knives to be an impressive addition to the knife maker's art. Has someone compiled some publication of the various patterns? Seems as if I only find a couple of patterns shown on knifge making websites, but see pictures of knives with many different...
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    How to Quote previous statements

    Most forums I'm on have an option to quote a previous statement. I see posts with quotes here, but I can't find that option. What am I missing?
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    "depending on the application of the blade"

    I don't understand this statement...........depending on the application of the blade, when it comes to tempering. Is there a chart that shows application and how to alter for that application?
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    Big "Howdy" from Oklahoma.

    I've been "lurking" on the site for the past 10 days or so. Been reading posts like a mad man. Think I've looked at every knife on the Custom Knife forum and the Pictures forum. o_O Learning all about forges, metals, tools, etc. Boy, is there a ton of info on this site.............and seems...