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  1. Bruce Bump

    "My very first knife" - post up!

    Hey, thanks for posting here guys. It’s nice to see early works of cutlery.
  2. Bruce Bump

    Man O Man this is cool.

    Hey guys, I guess my slacking on our forums here did get noticed. Since Facebook came along and the presidential primaries I have become a couch potato when not in the shop. I’ll full time at making knives and now have a full time associate Mike Pierce. He started as an apprentice almost 2...
  3. Bruce Bump

    Man O Man this is cool.

    This thread is alive again. Thanks Jon for waking it up after 9 years. Guys what words of wisdom do you have after all this time?
  4. Bruce Bump

    Adventures of JJB11B my thread for past projects and WIP’s

    I have seen burlap micarta before and it looks really cool. I think they called it barb wire micarta.
  5. Bruce Bump

    It's time to tackle the "Intro."

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the mention of me. Wow your shop is nice enough to live in. Awesome work space for any and all endevours you choose.
  6. Bruce Bump

    History Channel - Knife or Death

    We watched it and I thought it was pretty entertaining and well done for the first run. I can see that I am not fit enough to swing a knife that hard. I was a bit disappointed in the samauri sword not doing well if fact it bent and had to be bent back. I noticed the knife that did the best were...
  7. Bruce Bump


    Congratulations to the winning makers. Quality and not quantity this year. I’m looking forward to my plaque
  8. Bruce Bump


    Wayne, is your KAST O LITE good to 3000 degrees? I would like the light weight idea. Mine is Mizzou 3000, pretty heavy but tough as concrete. I use flux at times so use a single burner and clay cat litter in the bottom.
  9. Bruce Bump


    TJ I gave up on koa wool and satinite. It needs to be coated with ITC 100 ceramic which costs allot. I use castable refractory good to 3000 degrees. It takes longer to reach welding temps but holds them forever. Cost is around $65 total.
  10. Bruce Bump

    Polls Are Open

    Quality and not quantity this year.
  11. Bruce Bump

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - BEST FORUM EDUCATOR

    Caffrey has been educating makers most all of his career. It's in his DNA
  12. Bruce Bump

    “Bloody Hell” Dueling Pistols by Bruce D. Bump MS

    Another Thanks guys, The Bloody Hell dueling pistol knives won Best of Show at the ICCE last weekend. I'm really pumped about that!
  13. Bruce Bump

    “Bloody Hell” Dueling Pistols by Bruce D. Bump MS

    Thanks much Gentlemen. Your compliments are head swelling. This set is sold but yes I would trade the next set for a new Ford F150 or sell for $10,000,000.00 :)
  14. Bruce Bump

    Wip ?

    Guys, thanks much for the time you take to post here with me in mind. Makes me feel special for sure. The WIP's were so much fun to do and I learned as much as anybody else believe me. Its fun to take pictures of all the process and challenging as well especially learning to post pictures on the...
  15. Bruce Bump

    Do you harden guards? Has anyone kept tarnish off of polished brass with clear laquer

    I know the 416 gets hard right out of the forge because the engravers have to use carbide tools to engrave it. A simple annealing cycle before sending it to them is appreciated. I forge my 416 and never really noticed it being hard when drilling and milling but I did test it a couple times and...
  16. Bruce Bump

    Matched set

    Hi Scott, Hey thanks for that. I can't wait for the photos from Caleb Royer. He was supposed to take them home to his studio.
  17. Bruce Bump

    Looking for a piece of feathered damascus

    You certainly can't go wrong with HHH damascus. They make awesome feather damascus!
  18. Bruce Bump

    "My very first knife" - post up!

    I think this thread is my favorite thread of all time. Thanks for keeping it going guys. I check it fairly often and see new makers as well as seasoned craftsman posting their works, advice and concerns. The best advice I can give is make knives for the enjoyment and challenge yourself to make...
  19. Bruce Bump

    “Tomb Raider” Dagger by Bruce D. Bump MS

    I see what you did there with the "blew him away" with the cutnshoots. :) You need to bring your son to the International Custon Cutlery Exposition in Kansas City this September. I will have a dueling pistol/folder set there named "Bloody Hell" BTW, sorry for the name.
  20. Bruce Bump

    “Tomb Raider” Dagger by Bruce D. Bump MS

    Another Thank You is in order. Thank You for the compliments on the dagger. The Bump Team has come together well I think.