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    Damascus Kitchen Carver

    1080/15N20 twisted crushed W's , stainless bolster , G10 handle
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    The last two for 2018

    Just finished these up and that is it for this year. Rolled and stretched crushed W's with a Masur Birch handle Crushed W's, then pool and eyed
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    Just got these finished up 52100/416SS, one with yellow/black G10 and the other in Iron Wood.
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    BLACK WIDOW 52100 / 15N20 San Mai

    I have had this blade sitting around for a couple of years and decided to get it finished. The core is 52100 with 15N20 sides, handle black linen Micarta, OAL is 11 inches
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    QUESTION ON 52100 AND 416 SS San Mai

    I have an unlimited supply of rollers from Timken roller bearings. They are about 1 1/2 in in diameter and about 2 inches long and are just the perfect size for knife blanks and other things. I have used them with 15N20 and they make great Damascus, recently I have been using them for the center...
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    52100 / 416SS San Mai

    Just got this San Mai finished , next time I do San Mai i think it will be with 420 SS. The 416 takes on a grey look when the blade is etched. SS fittings, Turkish Walnut handle
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    Damascus Kitchen Carver

    1080 /15N20 , Crushed W's then stretched and rolled Stainless fittings,dovetail bolster, Desert Ironwood handle
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    Blade material : raindrop 1080 / 15N20 , Ladder 52100 / 15N20 Handles : Blue G10. Maple burl Fittings : SS
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    Damascus Kitchen Karvers

    Just got these finished. Laddered crushed W's damascus with iron wood handles.
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    Just finished these The raindrop is crushed W's ,1080/15N20 ,G10 handle,dovetailed bolster The ladder is 52100/15N20 one in Iron wood the other blue G10, dovetailed bolsters