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    Customer just doesn't get it - Heat Treat

    Had a customer show up last week with a batch of blades for heat treat. He wanted his ATS 34 blades at 65 and his S60V folder blade at 68. I flat out told him no. He said his previous heat treater had done that. Interesting - but NO. I told him 61 was a good hardness for ATS 34 and that...
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    weird size screws?

    I have a friend who asked me to "repair" his folder. He just lost the screws for the pocket clip. How hard can that be? Now this is not a high quality knife - Casselman - but it was a presentation gift and is special to him. The torx head screws (that I borrowed from the handle) look like...
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    A thread to honour our better halves.

    Kevin Cashen just posted something of a tribute to his wife - and her involvement in his world of knives. Check it out at - post #5 I owe a great deal of both knowledge and wisdom to Kevin and I'm not going to let this...
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    Google Grief

    :34:Good grief. We don't even sell knives on our site (though we do post pictures of some of our maker's art.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer ID: xxx-xxx-xxxx Hello, We wanted to alert you that one of your sites...
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    Question about hamon / differential temper

    Just thinkin'..... The few knives that I have ever seen fail / break in actual use, failed at the tip for the most part. (Not talking about HT fail) If the tip is the weak spot, how come virtually all differential HT blades include the tip as part of the "hard" (not so tough) area?
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    Help Identifying "Elephant Wood"

    Hoping the dogs can help me identify a piece of wood I scored last week. A very old label appears to read "Elephant Tree Hardwood from Mexico - Only serious offer". The only reference I can find to Elephant Tree is a North American tree that doesn't resemble this at all. This picture just...
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    PayPay Acceptable use policy

    Made a PayPal payment for some Chad Nichols Stainless Damascus yesterday. Paypal marked the payment pending because it "May not meet our acceptable use policy". I spoke to a rep on the phone (kudos PayPal.) She told me it was flagged because it contained the word "Knife" (our company name -...
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    Kudos to Awesome Supplier

    I have to say, I been so wonderfully inspired by a great customer service experience recently. I placed an order with Enco. They have a standing set of instructions on file to ship everything USPS because internationally, the postal service just outshines the couriers. This order slipped...
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    :-( First time since I started using Parks 50. Broke!

    Grrrr.... Was still hanging in the quench tank cooling while I got the second blade out of the kiln.
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    Canadian Heat Treating Service

    Stainless HT is our strength Double Wrap in 309 SS foil Austenize in our Computerized EvenHeat Ovens Plate Quench with thick aluminum plates Cryo in Liquid Nitrogen Temper to your specs Rockwell Test each We also do basic tool and carbon steel blades as much as we are able. Turco anti-scale...
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    Forge that's never been lit - by a stock removal maker.

    Well, I'm biting the bullet today. I'm trying to straighten a bent lawn tractor blade and I can't get it hot enough with a propane torch. Looked in the corner at the forge I've never lit - and don't know if it will. The propane feed didn't end in "jets" yet - just a couple of holes and the...
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    What happens if.... one answer

    Feel free to add more to this thread from personal experience. Had a customer send me a blade with misidentified steel. We figured it out but maybe this sort of information is useful to others trying to figure out what went wrong. Its why we Rockwell every blade. Hope it helps. What...
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    Anyone else afraid to shut down for a couple of weeks?

    Marilyn and I are going on vacation for a couple weeks. It's kind of scary to tell customers you won't be here for a while. I suspect most knife related businesses are "mom and pop" businesses. Work / Life balance is hard to justify for an entrepreneur. :rolleyes:
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    2750 F - Is that good for CPM154? <eek!>

    Nahhh - just another busted thermocouple but it scared the bejeebers outa me. :jawdrop: The pyrometer showed temps right about where they should be, so I must have bumped the thermocouple removing the envelopes. Pushed stop and the guage started climbing - 2250 - 2380 - 2520 - 2700! Aaugh...
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    ...and this warp is BEFORE HT. :-)

    Actually, a very cool carving knife. No plate quench on this one. :-)
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    Normalizing - how far to cool

    My Google Fu must be suffering from the long shifts. I hope this is a simple question. In the past when I normalize, I hang the blade to air cool between cycles and leave it till it's cool enough to handle. Someone recently told me all I have to do is air cool it to black - and back in for...
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    Suspicious Parcel :-)

    Some of you may remember a couple years back, I posted a thread about blades packed in a potentially dangerous manner. (Grrrr.... why won't my <enter> key work?) A package arrived today - over three feet long. I'm not expecting steel and my kilns are only 22.5" deep. (<enter> key still...
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    Fun with Waterjet?

    No, it isn't mine - saw it on web somewhere.
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    Just wondering if anyone is using bitcoin. I read an article (or ten) on it today. A new digital currency. The banks are pissed off and so is CRA (Canadian version of IRS). Those things both intrigue me. :-) Transactions are not reversible. (No Chargebacks). The value of the bitcoin is...
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    zero edge HT of oil quench blades

    Heat treated two today that were (inadvertantly) ground too thin - essentially zero edge - and both had an edge wiggle (warp) where the blade touched the blade rack. I'm thinking of dedicating a blade rack with short pns to such tasks. Any other suggestions most welcome.