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    Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild Meeting

    Here comes the quarterly Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild meeting! The socail is Friday evening August 23. The meeting is Saturday morning August 24th. We are getting excited at Pops Knife Supply. We have a very exciting day planned. We have excellent demonstrations, and special guests coming...
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    Blade Hardness

    What hardness do you like you hunting knives and edc's to be? Doug Jn. 3:16
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    Does anyone use a headlamp for grinding that they would recommend? Thanks, Doug Jn.3:16
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    Villa Rica/Carrollton,Ga/East Al. Georgia Custom Knifemakers Fall Meeting

    Villa Rica/Carrollton,Ga/East Al. Georgia Custom Knifemakers Fall Meeting The next GA Custom Knifemakers' Guild meeting will take place on Saturday, October 20th at Koinonia, 189 Sandhill-Hulett Rd. Villa Rica, GA. This is just off I-20 past Douglasville. The meeting is being hosted by Scott...
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    knife hardness

    where is a good place to find info on how hard different kinds of knives should be? Doug Jn. 3:16
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    Carrollton, Villa Rica, Ga. - West Georgia - East Alabama. - Ga Custom Knifemakers Guild Meeting

    The Guild will be hosting a knifemakers meeting on Saturday, October 21st. The public is welcome to attend. There will be forging demos and the opportunity to meet custom knifemakers and see handmade knives. Paul Brach, finalist from Forged in Fire, will be forging a hunting knife. Scott...
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    Clorox Bleach and Bluing Etch

    I guess you need to use a resist on the edge of the blade when using bleach and bluing to age a blade. I am afraid it will eat the edge away if I don't. What is the best thing to use for a resist to keep it from eating the edge? Thanks, Doug Jn.3:16
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    ribbon burner forge build

    Does anyone remember seeing a ribbon burner forge tutorial where the burner came in at an angle so it would create a swirl? I saw a good one once but can not find it now. Thanks very much, Doug Adams Jn. 3:16
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    Caterpillar Bolt Knife

    I saw a thread the other day with a knife made from a caterpillar bolt. I can't find it now. Not sure which forum I saw it on. If someone could direct me to it I would appreciate it. Doug Jn. 3:16
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    water heater tank

    Hi Has anyone ever used a water heater tank for a forge before? If you do, was the glass lining any trouble? I am hoping to make a horizontal heat treating forge. I will use 1 or 2 inches of koa wool over the glass. Thanks, Doug JN. 3:16
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    finishing etched blade

    Hi All, I have 3 blades that I forged. I ground the blades and left some of the forging on them where you could see it. Then I etched them in vinagar to a dark grey. When I ground the handles down to shape I ground the dark grey etch off of the tang. Is there anything I could put on them to...
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    Hello from Carrollton, Georgia

    Hi I am Doug Adams from Carrollton, Ga. I am new to knifemaking and I enjoy this site very much. Doug JN. 3:16