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  1. Phil Dwyer

    Supply Item Questions

    Tracy, Do you good folks have any G10 or G11 liner material? The thinnest I could find on your site was 1/8". Got any thinner? Also, any chance you could get some silicon bronze Corbey bolts? Or know where I might get some or get some made up? Thanks, Phil
  2. Phil Dwyer

    Are you still changing names for free....

    Hi Guys -- I wonder if it would be possible to change my name to Phil Dwyer? -- Thanks, Phil
  3. Phil Dwyer

    Where'd the moved threads go ???

    Hey Folks, The raffle forum shows almost all the threads are moved. Where to? I'm trying to track down a maker who raffled a knife as a fund raiser for Darci, but all those threads seemed to have been moved and aren't search-able any more?!? Thanks, Phil
  4. Phil Dwyer

    Moved threads to where ???

    Hey Folks, Where did all the auction threads get moved to? I'm trying to find the maker of the knife I won during a Darci fund raiser, but can't find the thread anymore. I can't even find any references via my user CP to any of my posts from back then in a number of raffles?!? Thanks, Phil
  5. Phil Dwyer

    MSC Save up to 40% on Metalworking Today

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  6. Phil Dwyer

    Silicon bronze corbey bolts ???

    Any of you good folks know where I could source some silicon bronze Corbey bolts? Or maybe where I could get some milled up?
  7. Phil Dwyer

    WTB: Edge Pro

    Hey Folks, Do any of you have an Edge Pro you're not using and would consider selling or trading? Thanks, Phil