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  1. chrisstaniar

    What's going on in your shop?

    Yeah, it's kinda funny here in nor cal. T-Storms in the summer are actually a concern. Back home (PA), it was pretty much a daily occurrence and just cooled things off. Out here (as was said) it can start fires. About another month or 2 and we'll be out of fire season....hopefully
  2. chrisstaniar

    Cleaning stencils

    Did it make the coffee taste better?
  3. chrisstaniar

    Magazine Ad?

    I belong to several of the FB groups and the "Knives for sale" are pretty much all blocked. You can still post pics of knives in any of the groups or on your FB personal or business page, but as was said above the minute it says for sale or has a price in it they nuke it. You also can't create...
  4. chrisstaniar

    What's going on in your shop?

    I've had bolsters that go slightly crooked. Generally it's because of some space in the pin holes in the tang or in the bolsters. When you peen or press one bolster moves ever so slightly and it's crooked. At that point you have 2 choices, hammer them off or get out the small files or a dremel...
  5. chrisstaniar

    Stupid ADD!!!

    I glue one scale, drill, and then do the other. It's really helped me with keeping the scales perfectly lined up when it's time for the pins to go in. If I put accents just behind the bolsters I'll glue those before the scales. Mainly to be sure that one side is lined up with the other side.
  6. chrisstaniar

    Bevel grinding help

    ^^This for sure. I did the same. Mild steel is much cheaper to practice with.
  7. chrisstaniar

    Does Claro Walnut need to be stabilized?

    I use a fair amount of Ca Claro Walnut and I haven't stabilized it. Just tru-oil coats. I haven't had any issues. The place I buy it supplies for gunstocks, guitars (fender), and other standard stuff. I don't believe it gets stabilized for any of the other uses.
  8. chrisstaniar

    What's going on in your shop?

    I do batches and send to heat treat but then I do them one or two at a time. Gotta work on speeding that part up
  9. chrisstaniar

    Blade show 2019 report

    Does that mean my "Rick Grimes Collector Series" isn't gonna sell? ;)
  10. chrisstaniar

    Starting An Elk Antler and Sanbar Stag Antler Knife

    I like the bolt in the tang, gonna borrow that idea for sure!
  11. chrisstaniar

    Yay or Nay on Harbor Freight Band Saw.

    I have the Bauer Porta-Band from HF, got it for $99. I also got a swag table and it works great. Way better than using an angle grinder to cut blanks. Get it!
  12. chrisstaniar

    Grinder motor died. In a quandary which direction to go, VFD or?

    ok cool. I was thinking it looked almost the same as the one you bought, but I thought the model was slightly different
  13. chrisstaniar

    What's going on in your shop?

    Finished this up the other day for my daughters band fundraiser silent auction. 440c, stainless bolsters, Kingwood scales, African Blackwood accents, Mosaic pins from usa knife maker
  14. chrisstaniar

    Sheath Makin Hatin Club

    I do the back stitch and then pull both threads through to one side. Then I just burn the ends flush. Seems to work pretty well. Sometimes I also put some crazy glue in there to lock it down.
  15. chrisstaniar

    Grinder motor died. In a quandary which direction to go, VFD or?

    ok, reviving a slightly old thread here. I've got a 1.5hp WEG for my NWG and it's time to take the VFD plunge. I only have a 110 circuit to run this on. I'm looking at this KBAC: KB Electronics, 9520, KBAC-27D (Gray), 1.5;2HP, 1-Phase, 110-120V;200-240V (Input), Nema 4X Enclosure, Variable...
  16. chrisstaniar

    Yup, another Maker's Mark question.

    I just use a super saturated saline solution and a battery charger. I'm considering the personalizer but hard to fix what isn't broken. I also agree with Ed on the logo. It needs to be something that can be searched for, like your name, etc. Google does have a image search feature but not many...
  17. chrisstaniar

    One more makers mark thread

    lol, I saw the same thing until the rest of the picture loaded. I was thinking "well, it's a nice sideways butt" I like the first initial last name thing. That's all I put for my makers mark
  18. chrisstaniar

    What's going on in your shop?

    Stabby Pokey thing ;)
  19. chrisstaniar

    Opinion on makers mark

    I like the Celtic knot. It will look good on a blade. It might be tough to get the black outlines and the thinner white inside parts to show properly when etching. I could very easily be wrong about that though, might need to test it a few ways maybe? Ernie will be able to help you with that I'd...
  20. chrisstaniar

    Concern about drill press sheath technique

    I just use a big leather sewing needle and put it in my drill press. It's the right size, doesn't remove material, and burnishes the hole