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  1. Rock

    For Sale - Everything Else Logos & Maker's Marks

    If anyone needs a new logo, business cards, maker's mark, T-shirt design, signage, etc. in time for The Blade Show please contact me ASAP.
  2. Rock

    Veterans Hospitals Turning Medical Records Over to the FBI.

    On average, 22 American Veterans a day commit suicide. Now, on top of everything else, they have to worry about losing their Constitutional rights if they ask for help. Dead veterans don't need medical care. Nice budget cuts, Uncle Sam. Remember, the Second Amendment protects all of our other...
  3. Rock

    Happy Hanukkah

    Happy Hanukkah to my most esteemed Jewish Friends, Family, and Fellow Knife Dogs! :biggrin:
  4. Rock

    Maker's Marks, logos, web sites, Tshirts, banners, business cards & more

    Hi All, I recently designed this logo for Steve Randall. I offer excellent work at extremely reasonable prices and have done a lot of work for KnifeDogs and my KnifeDogs brethren. Please let me know what I can do for you! I have many satisfied customers here...
  5. Rock


    For those of you who missed it, I had a minor heart attack on June 18th. I am now back home and in the process of moving locally. I appreciated all of the well wishes, texts, phone calls and e-mails. I appreciate the Knife Dogs community and the fine folks in it.
  6. Rock

    R.I.P. Blackie

    Blackie Collins, 71, Founder of BLADE magazine and knife maker, was killed in a motorcycle accident last week. Our condolences go out to his family. He was a kind man who always had a kind word and genuine interest in everyone at the Blade Show. He will be sorely missed.
  7. Rock

    Preparation M: The Preparedness SIG (Mensa Special Interest Group)

    I'm the National Coordinator for Preparation M: The Preparedness SIG (Mensa Special Interest Group). The Special Interest Group itself is only open to Mensans and former Mensans, but we have a forum open to anyone who is can contribute fairly intelligently. The whole forum is based on being...
  8. Rock

    Happy 70th Birthday, Don Cowles!

    I want to wish my father, Don Cowles, a very happy seventieth birthday today, March 1st. I love you, Pop! :35: :35: :35: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. Rock

    Deer are not our friends

    I received this e-mail today. It was well written and humorous, but I couldn't help thinking a nice sheath knife or one handed opener would have made this guy's life a lot easier, even more than a CCW. I had this idea that I could rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up on corn for a...
  10. Rock

    Life as we know it

    On the first day, God created the dog and said, "Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years." The dog said, "That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give you back...
  11. Rock

    Custom Kowulz Urban Fury II flipper prototype

    Kowulz Curtiss Urban Fury II flipper prototype. 1/8" thick titanium frames with custom water jet cut patterns,and a 3/16" CPM-154 blade riding on IKBS. OAL of 9.75". Closed length is nearly 6" with a cutting edge of 4.25". Custom lowrider pocket clip and 2-tone blade finish. Very lightweight for...
  12. Rock

    Texting for the Elderly

    Texting for the Elderly 1. BTW = Bring The Wheelchair 2. ROFL. CGU = Rolling On The Floor Laughing. Can't Get Up 3. DWI = Driving While Incontinent 4. LOL = Living On Lipitor 5. OMG = Oy, My Grandchildren! 6. IMHO = Is My Hearing-Aid On...
  13. Rock

    Don Cowles Television Interview

    My dad, fellow Knife Dog & knifemaker, Don Cowles, was recently interviewed about his craft by a local Michigan television show, Real People. The second half is a walkthrough of his shop and an overview of the knifemaking process. Hope you enjoy it...
  14. Rock

    Name that Maker!

    Anybody know who this is?
  15. Rock

    Benchmade, Zero Tolerance, ARS, Cold Steel, Surefire, and...

    I have the following knives for sale. Shipping and insurance will be $8.00 each. I am open to combing shipping. PayPal only. CONUS only. I will consider trades, but prefer cash. First PM "I'll Take it" gets it. Thanks for looking. Zero Tolerance ZT0200, Plain Edge, NIB. SOLD ARS (Attack...
  16. Rock

    Not Yours To Give

    I wish it was required for every political candidate in America to memorize this before they were allowed to run for office! Not Yours To Give Col. David Crockett US Representative from Tennessee Originally published in "The Life of Colonel David Crockett," by Edward Sylvester...
  17. Rock

    Directory Central

    I recently found a business social network on-line called Directory Central that allows you to enter your business for searchers and reviewers. There was a link to it on LinkedIn,com which tends to be a pretty professional site. I joined free and think it is worth looking into. I'd love to hear...
  18. Rock

    For Sale - Folder Protech 2010 Blade Show Special Prototype TR4 Auto

    For Sale: Protech 2010 Blade Show Special Prototype TR4 Auto NEW~RELEASE! PROTECH 2010 Blade Show Prototype TR4 #12 of 50! Protech's First Side Opening Auto that features a safety! Superb Quality, USA made side opening, coil activated automatic. Features Smooth Black Finger-Grooved...
  19. Rock

    Jigs: Curse or Cure?

    I had an interesting discussion at dinner Saturday night of the Blade Show with Don Cowles (my dad) and David Broadwell about jigs. Both were adamantly against them! David held up his hands and said, "These are my jigs." They both were of a mind that they were the only jigs you needed or...
  20. Rock

    Coye Ridgeback with Carbon Fiber Scales F/S

    For Sale: 1 Coye Ridgeback fixed blade knife. 3/16th 154 CM 6 3/4" OAL 3 1/4" Blade Texured Carbon Fiber - scales are removable for cleaning or general tinkering Torx with stainless stand offs Triple tempered Stone washed finish Kydex sheath Like new, unused. $175.00 firm + $10.00...