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    Thanks for the advice.

    Hello again Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the advice from all who took the time to reply to my question on heat treating 1095. I will try the suggestions with my oven and quench medium. Also I tried grinding off all the death and did find hard steel. Thanks all for letting me benefit...
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    Looking for some pointers.

    Hey all. I'm sure that this subject is both asked about and, discussed a lot here. I usually work with 5160 and D2 tool steel. Lately I have tried working with 1095 and it hasn't gone well. I am using an older Paragon K.M.-14D heat treating oven and went with the recommended 1450 degrees to...
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    New guy says hello.

    Hi all. I just signed up n am learning my way around the forum. I am from York Nebraska and have been making knives for a few years now. I look forward to sharing information and ideas with everyone. This is a project that I finished recently