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  1. Dustin

    Various grinder stuff

    Do you still have this stuff? can you send me pics of what you have? I think I want all of it but I would like to see if it will work with my build
  2. Dustin

    Ostap Hel - Custom Knives & Designs

    nice clean design, and great attention to detail.
  3. Dustin

    1st Molded Handle - WIP

    I don't have much input on this, right now. but I have a prototype knife I cut out last night that I think I'll try this on it. Thanks for the idea.
  4. Dustin

    How Much is too much?

    Thanks so much I appreciate the input.
  5. Dustin

    How Much is too much?

    I have 2 knives I ground out of damascus (1080 and 15n20) I know I made a mistake with the heat treat recipe the first and second time. I overheated them by 50 Deg or so. How many times can I Anneal these 2 blades and reheat treat them before they are ruined? I've annealed them twice. the way I...
  6. Dustin

    My own personal hunter...raised clip w/ claro walnut

    Excellent craftsmanship . I never dare take close ups of my knives like that, to many flaws. But your attention to the finest details is......WOW!!
  7. Dustin

    Two Model #4

    I really like the shape of the wild olive wood blade.
  8. Dustin

    Pick your poision - Tactical or Traditional

    If I had to chose. Tactical!
  9. Dustin

    Four Devils

    Beautiful work on both knife and sheath's. I like the handles gives them a lot of character.
  10. Dustin

    Camp Knife

    I like the copper guard. What else is between the the 2 guard pieces? What did you use to antique the copper?
  11. Dustin

    HovinKnives: Custom folding knives

    Nice looking. I like the cooper scales makes for an interesting look. You have a good attention to detail
  12. Dustin

    Matched set

    Nice work, I particularly like the handles.
  13. Dustin

    Folding hunter with amboyna burl and hamon...

    Wow nice. Very clean lines. The attention to detail is very obvious
  14. Dustin

    Shop Lighting ?

    I know this may be a little late, but I'm an electrician and this is something that I do quite a bit, so i thought i would weigh in. I'm not sure on your ceiling height. but here are a few options. this is what I have above my work bench, it's really nice light. It's LED the light color is...
  15. Dustin

    Engraver ??

    I'm looking for an engraver, but I'm not sure what to buy. Any opinions on the cost to quality.
  16. Dustin

    Tracy I accidentally switched my profile to mobile and can not get it back. will you help me...

    Tracy I accidentally switched my profile to mobile and can not get it back. will you help me with this? thank you
  17. Dustin

    Settings help?

    How do I turn off the mobile setting in my profile? I can't get back to the normal setting
  18. Dustin

    A Few i finished

    these are a few I've finished the last couple months. some quality feed back is appreciated. I'm always looking for ways to improve Folder kit from US knife makers, I made my own Damascus blade with left over material from another knife project. Green Micarta Scales Skinner Blade is D-2...
  19. Dustin

    New Drop Point

    Blade: Elmax 58RC Handles: Nickle Silver Dove tailed w/California Buckeye Scales I like the Buckeye it's my favorite part of this knife Thanks for Looking