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  1. bubba-san

    duan jian, pattern welded (River Jian)

    Beautiful sword Kevin .
  2. bubba-san

    O wakizashi with new shirasaya

    Thanks Fellas , I really appreciate your kind words .... Bubba
  3. bubba-san

    Primal/tactical ninja tanto

    Looks real nice ...... Bubba
  4. bubba-san

    duan jian, pattern welded (River Jian)

    Kevin , It looks great . real nice work.....
  5. bubba-san

    from plow shares to swords

    Thanks fellas.
  6. bubba-san

    WW2- Knives Presence

    Real nice collection.
  7. bubba-san

    duan jian, pattern welded (River Jian)

    Wow , Charles is a great engraver . I talked to him on FB, I may get him to engrave tsuba I have.. Alloy of silver copper. I do some engraving by hand but, not of that caliber...
  8. bubba-san

    duan jian, pattern welded (River Jian)

    Probably just the make up of steel . I clayed the whole front of blade and heated Back it in hot fire for a few minutes . That softened the Tang and The Munemachi . So its more like it should be . The Hamon turned out great plenty of ni, noi and looks nice and white as it should be . Now...
  9. bubba-san

    duan jian, pattern welded (River Jian)

    Looks real good... I finally finished up Naginata. with a little help.
  10. bubba-san

    This forging thing

    In Japanese quenching , I have never had a blade crack on obvious stress risers . The Hamachi and Munemachi. They always seem to crack on the thin edge of blade. hamachi (刃区?) - notch in the cutting edge (ha), dividing the blade proper from the tang.... munemachi (棟区?) - notch in the back...
  11. bubba-san

    Naginata Naoshi

    Yes, I plan on doing traditional mounts . Mounting them in Japanese koshirae is nearly as time consuming as forging and polishing them..... Thanks .. Bubba
  12. bubba-san

    Naginata Naoshi

    This is a blade made a while ago . The steel was smelted by Me , The forging By the "professor" and polish By Josiah Boomershine. Made from Tamahagane . I did the final sharpening and touch up polish. Blade is 22" overall.. Here's some history on these types of Blades...
  13. bubba-san

    duan jian, pattern welded (River Jian)

    Good luck . I know it gets exciting when it all comes together . That's when you take your time and think about the blade... visualize what it will look like . Its my little meditation thing . The slower I go the better piece I make . I am quite sure everyone has their own blade mojo. Your...
  14. bubba-san Hammer/Grind-In & Knife Show Details

    I would like to try and make that one . I like the music and food part also . Big blues fan.... Bubba
  15. bubba-san

    duan jian, pattern welded (River Jian)

    Starting to look real good Prof.
  16. bubba-san

    CPM-3V tanto

    Worked on this for a while . Blade steel is CPM 3-V Cutting edge is a little over 12" . Fittings are copper ..menuki are sterling silver. Pin is Ivory ....... Crazy sharp too...
  17. bubba-san

    Heaping helping of 'hawks

    Some nice choppers there ......
  18. bubba-san

    copper invasion

    Nice looking blade ... I use copper on lots of my Blades . Patinas add an extra nice look . B.
  19. bubba-san

    PRO Stabilized Blocks $35 Burl / Exotics

    Really some nice wood Larry. I will be picking some of that up . And the price is right , says Bob Barker.....
  20. bubba-san

    Best greeting from China

    Hello Yvonne, Glad you said hello. I knew you would be well received. James