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  1. CJKnives

    4 SHK (stacked handle knives) Finished

    Just finished these 4 stacked handled knives. These were all Christmas orders. I hope the new owners enjoy them for years to come.
  2. CJKnives

    WSK Knife

    I just recently finished this WSK for a customer in Costa Rica. He was so excited about it that he posted an unboxing video on YouTube. I thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, here's a few pictures and a link to the video.
  3. CJKnives

    2 Walnut Handled Nessmuks

    Been working on these 2 walnut and leather Nessmuk SHKs. One with copper guard, spacers and pin and the other with nickel silver guard and pins with a copper, brass and nickel silver spacer. I love the looks of walnut and enjoy working with it. I just think it looks very classic. Let me...
  4. CJKnives

    Little Kephart just finished

    I just finished this little 3 finger Kephart for a friend. He requested black and red micarta scales and an acid washed finish. I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's 1084 steel 5/32" thick. 3"blade, 6.25" OAL.