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    Help please!!

    The Evenheat thermocouple is accurate where it is placed and your other is accurate where it is placed. A 30 degree difference between different places in the oven is not uncommon. Longer times will lead to closer temperatures, but don't over think it.
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    Cost to make formula

    I'm going to take a somewhat contrary position - maybe just for the sake of discussion. The biggest mistake anyone can make is presuming that the value of your knife has anything to do with your costs. The value of your knife is exactly what the consumer perceives it to be. It's nice to know...
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    Customer just doesn't get it - Heat Treat

    Thanks all for the feedback. He seemed OK with the 62ish results. Apparently, his blades have always had stellar performance. Sad that he had to settle for my standards. :-(
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    Customer just doesn't get it - Heat Treat

    Where is the like button on this thing Ed?
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    Customer just doesn't get it - Heat Treat

    Had a customer show up last week with a batch of blades for heat treat. He wanted his ATS 34 blades at 65 and his S60V folder blade at 68. I flat out told him no. He said his previous heat treater had done that. Interesting - but NO. I told him 61 was a good hardness for ATS 34 and that...
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    Heat treat oven 115 or 240 v

    This ^^^ !!! I own and daily use both the Evenheat 120V (18") and the 240V (22.5"). The 240V version is 3600 Watts and the 120V version is 1560. Both work just fine. The 120V version takes about twice the time to work just fine. There is little difference in power consumption for a full...
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    weird size screws?

    I have a friend who asked me to "repair" his folder. He just lost the screws for the pocket clip. How hard can that be? Now this is not a high quality knife - Casselman - but it was a presentation gift and is special to him. The torx head screws (that I borrowed from the handle) look like...
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    Questions on cutting metal by hand

    As an aside, when you finally do get a bandsaw, you may find it is still not easy to get a truly straight cut. Everything that applies to the hacksaw still applies - only faster.
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    ATS 34 Folder Spring

    1850F? Should that be 1950 perhaps?
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    Re gardening 35vn

    Thanks for sharing. I'll be watching with interest for your results. "...gets dull VERY easy.." suggests something more at play. 1 RHC isn't much - and might be even less (or more) if you took multiple readings and averaged them. Of course, you can't rockwell the edge, so I wonder if there...
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    Re gardening 35vn

    I have had good results re-heat treating S35VN without any extra cycles required. Having said that, I would note that this steel gets it's edge retention not so much from blade overall hardness as from very hard and wear resistant vanadium and niobium carbides. It doesn't need to be as hard...
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    Parks 50# quench

    Don't be too quick to grumble. It's over $300 a pail by the time it gets to Canada. :what!:
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    "Standard Work" for belt testing

    The comparisons might not be helpful for belts made for different purposes. In your example, the BLAZE is going to out-hog the Gator, but the gators structured abrasive will be more consistent from the first grind to the last. BLAZE aren't even available finer that 120G. Comparing apples to...
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    I'm stumped with 440c

    Different animals and depends on what you want out of the knife. AEB-L is purpose specific - and very good at slicers indeed. Maybe not so good for a camp or utility knife that might see some 'extra' duties. CPM154 is a bit more expensive, but there is very little it won't do extremely well...
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    Curly maple finish

    Really attractive. Thanks for sharing John.
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    Stainless steel advice

    Not sure why people choose 440C for corrosion resistance. 154 is more corrosion resistant than 440C, with better edge retention. CPM 154 is twice as tough as regular 154 at the same hardness. There are lots of good stainless choices, and the difference between an OK steel and a super steel...
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    Storing wood?

    :biggrin: That SCUBA gear must double as eye and breathing protection - and the current would keep the dust down. I used to plastic food wrap blocks that I had dried for stabilizing so they wouldn't uptake moisture on the was to stabiling. Probably overkill, but I sure don't have your humidity...
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    Paragon vs even heat

    Ahhh... thanks! Some other things Evenheat has done lately on the KO models include thicker fire brick, and relieving the door bricks a bit for a better door fit. The change in efficiency has been astouunding. I have a KF and a KO side by side. Both are the same size and power. The KO will...
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    I'm stumped with 440c

    Yes, I think that snap temper would buy you lots of time. An old data sheet from Crucible actually showed a usable temper for 440C at 212F. No, I'm not recommending that, but 250 should easily take the major HT stresses out, and even if the oven is way out, it is less likely to wreck your...
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    I'm stumped with 440c

    OK, I'm going to go WAY out on a limb here a disagree a bit with the master. He's right, if you want 440C at RHC 59, you have to nail it, but it has a wide range of tolerance both in hardening and in tempering that will give you different results, but still way superior to the results you are...