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    Grinders first grinder was the tubing and tension type described above. I loved it at first but after a few years of tinkering around, I soon began to fall out of love with it. Personally, I have to agree with Ed's advice of buy once/cry once. It took me a few years of saving up to finally...
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    For Sale - KMG Chassis (Denver)

    Please let me know if the deal above ends up falling through for some reason and I'll take it! I live close by in the Ft. Collins area.
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    Just wanted to update everyone

    I've been following this and thinking of you Ed. Glad to hear a plan is in place.
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    Never thought this would happen!

    I remember you telling me the story behind the Trenton and it's a great one!
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    Never thought this would happen!

    Wow! Very cool Ed. Let me know if that #300 lb. Trenton starts feeling neglected.
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    Hidden Tang Blade

    I really enjoy building hidden tangs. Have fun!
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    How to eliminate "J" hooks from final sanding?

    I’ve had great luck with the Klingspore blocks that Ed shared and I use them on every knife but..... I’ve found another method that seems to be working before I go to the blocks that is kinda fun. Keep in mind that I’m a hand sanding nerd. Most of the time I’ll work my way through the grits up...
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    How do you bevel your blades?

    Forge initial bevels and finish with a 2 X 72"
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Thanks Justin. I have fun with hidden tangs. Here’s another one ready for a sheath. Chose not to give this one a ferric treatment. Wish I would and learn.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    With some life/career changes in the works, I figured I’d better post some pics of a few projects in the works as I know things will be slowing down for a few months in the shop. Gotta keep the family fed! Here’s a few hidden tangs in progress. Disclaimer....Although I’ve read the “how to”...
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    Hand Sanding

    I really like the appearance and actually enjoy the time spent hand sanding my blades. I'm easily entertained I guess. :)
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    Tool Arm size?

    I can't imagine ever needing anything more rigid than a steel 1.5" tool arm.
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    Kimmi's Cutlery Photos

    Nice job!
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    More Videos Coming!

    Added a few to my collection this afternoon. Thumbs up!
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    Handle pins

    Lately I've been using 3/32 nickel silver pins for my hidden tangs and corby or loveless style fasteners of various sizes for full tangs. I've just been adding it to my order when I am purchasing other items from the knife supply places.
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    Follow up with the Surgeon today!

    Excellent news and thanks for the update!
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    Asking for your prayers

    Good news, glad to hear!
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    About to start forging....

    Nothing else to add to the advice that's already been provided above. I've been forging for about a year and like using .250 x 1" 1084 to forge hunting size knives. My next order will be .250 x 1.25" and 1.5" as I'm wanting to start messing around with some camp knives and Bowies in the near...