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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Thank you ARCustomKnives
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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    ? Not sure what that last post was, didn't look around that site much. Had a great time at the Melbourne knife show weekend before last and have had a fabulous time hanging out with knife makers learning from them and teaching them to engrave. I learned about Liner lock folders and built one...
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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Here are my last two jobs, my 'standard' scrollwork. This is what happens if I just sit down and draw. I am branching out a bit. Trying bulino and inlay, enjoying anodizing titanium and trying new things.
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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Made a sheath today. How do you like it folks?
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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    There's facebook, instagram, and a couple of blade forums I post on. Happy to put the links here and in my signature if that's all cool. Thank you every one
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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    :) Here's some recent work
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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Sorry I haven't looked around properly yet, are there rules about advertising what you do or anything I should know about beyond be polite. Happy to show what I've been doing :)
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    Engraving and Heat Treat

    I have heard some other engravers talking about inlaying into blades and I know gold is absolutely fine to put in before heat treat. I hope silver would be fine, planning to try it soon. You have to cut and undercut the inlay channels before heat treat. You can undercut by either removing...
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    First scrimshaw attempt.

    Wow, I think that's the best first try at scrimshaw I've ever seen. Congratulations
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    pre-newbie questions on engraving/carving/texturing

    I have an NSK Presto 300,000rpm (from memory) which is pneumatic And a 40,000rpm electric cheap chinese micro motor. High speed pneumatic is handy sometimes, but very often I find the micro motor is just as good... more torque even though it's got less speed. You're usually stuck with 1/16...
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    Scroll templates, learning to draw

    Made any progress with the designing?
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    some engraving by David Riccardo

    That's an incredible design and beautiful engraving.
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    Coloring an antler handle.

    I think it's called potasium permangenate ... probably spelled wrong, chemists sell it. Try on a scrap piece
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    Selling Knives on Instagram

    Just post pictures regularely, and comment on things and people will see your comments and might check your page out... regular posts means they'll be more likely to see you, use good # hashtags. Best of luck Danae.
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    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. Let's see what would you like to know. I live in country NSW, not too far from town but quiet and peaceful. I am a knife making student of Australian makers, Keith Fludder, Corin Urquhart, Adam Parker and Peter Del Raso. I've been engraving for...
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    Engraver sharpening using a KMG

    Happy to give graver sharpening tips, you can message me if you want to talk engraving.