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    Mini. San Francisco Knife

    Bjmac, the originals were made in San Francisco from 1850 to 1900 the biggest makers were Will& Finl and Michael Price, today the right one could be worth $100,000.00 go to the inter net and look them up, there has been some great copes made.
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    Mini. San Francisco Knife

    Just finished this little San Francisco style knife the blade is 440 C the scales are mammoth bark, nickel pines silver guard and case, 3" overall .
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    Gun-Sav'r finish

    Here is a product some of you guys may have a use for, you can get it at Brownells it is Gun-sav'r gunstock finish. I have used it on a wood japanese sword case and the walnut scales on a folder, am very pleased with the results. Comes in spray can will run and tends to build up around holes and...
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    super glue

    Loctite makes a clean up solvent X-NMS don't know if it will work on fully set super glue, is also expensive, works well for clean up.
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    Big Bowie Sheath Finished

    Great job Paul. Deane
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    Knife Polish

    I would give some a try, I take knives swords and gun's to 2000 and 5000 grit and have a dry compound that I mix with with water and use on a piece of damp levi to give it a final polish, I do all this by hand, always looking for something better. E-mail me and I will send you some pictures of...
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    Bowie Request

    Here is on I made not to long ago, the blade is 9 3/4" 15" overall the handle is from a 100 year old cutlery set, is a little different bowie style I call it a mountain man knife.
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    Bowie Request

    The first three are full tang the last two are framed handles, the first three are from the same pattern, called a Texas bowie if you would like the pattern I would send you one. Deane
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    Merry Christmas

    Keven, you asked about an engraving setup, my brother has a graver miser he would sell he is asking $750.00 for it, E-mail me if you have an intrust in it. Merry Christmas Deane
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    Bowie Request

    Here are some I have made in the past Bowie style.
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    Entry-level Graver

    Hi Kevin, my brother has a working graver miser he would sell, not sure what goes with it asking $ 750.00 for it, they make a little noise but guys are still using them, if interested let me know. Deane
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    Any hints on sanding 440C

    Dennis, I started making 440 C & ATS 34 knives 25 years ago, I was taught to rough them out and heat treat but you are dealing with that hardend steel. I rgind to 220 and hand stone with 220 finish every thing then heat treat, start with 320 stone then 400 stone then finish with 400 sand paper...
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    Samurai Handle Wrap

    I see this is an old post if you have not found any wrap try Fred Lohman in Portland OR.
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    Bob Engnath Blanks (Japanese)

    Do you think they are 440 C ? how thick are they,could you send a picture, they are probably heat treated, are they straight. I redo samria's of and on just thought I mite be able to finish these up, may be should stop thinking. Thanks Deane
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    Bob Engnath Blanks (Japanese)

    Do you still have the Engnath blanks? I bought his blanks when I first started messing with knives, may like to have them, give me a price. Thanks Deane
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    Three new knives.

    Kevin, my knives are signed D Sweet with a pantograph, 20 some years ago I used a etcher with just Sweet. Thanks for your comments. Deane
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    Handle wrap

    I have a wakizashi handle I need wrapped, it is 4" long the ray skin is fine done in black, have the menuki let me know if you do this. Thanks Deane
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    Three new knives.

    sorry my files are to big , have no idea how to shrink them
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    Three new knives.

    I have not posted in some time, here are three small knives I have done resiliently , thay are only 8" overall the two double edge are 440 C, sheaths are nickel silver as are the sleeves on the MOP. the bowie style blade is damascus, the sheaths is silver as are the fittings, the engraving is by...
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    2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

    I received santa box from the north pole in North Dakota, could not wait fore christmas, great handle material can find a good use for it. Thank you so much Aaron Elgin. Deane Sweet oldknife