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  1. Dana Hackney

    Hatchet frame handled bowie:)

    hey Bruce! remember that old hatchet I picked up in Walla Walla? Well, I chopped it, split it and turned it into a nice pattern for that big damascus bowie:) I likes it! dana
  2. Dana Hackney

    Finally got a crude website!

    Hey gang! It's been a long time coming but I finally got a rudimentary website set up (still working on it) via VistaPrint. It's not pretty but has, at least, some of examples of what I do. Any suggestions for improvement would be welcome. here's the link:
  3. Dana Hackney

    Father and sons trio

    Hi gang! I think this might be my first post of some pics. I retired in April and finally passed my JS test in Atlanta and have been busy making knives since. Here's a couple of pics of a trio for a friend and his two sons. They all wanted damascus with buckeye burl handles. I also threw in...