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    Knife Polish

    My company produces abrasive powders for industrial polishing applications and one of my goals is to determine the best format for this material as a product for polishing knives. Here's a link to one of the powders we make, called Mg-35. Our latest focus is on synthetic spinel powder/diamond...
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    Explosively Formed Damascus Steel

    Hi - I am looking for input on how to approach making damascus steel. I have access to an explosives lab and I am interested in adapting a technique called explosive welding to potentially create a new type of damascus steel. I can easily source any metal and potential fillers such as carbon...
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    Soft versus Hard Steel

    Hi - I would like to learn about the different types of steel that knife makers use and the benefits/detriments of using softer steel. Here are a few questions I would appreciate feedback on: 1. Is there a type/s of steel that is considered the best or preferred to use? 2. What is lowest...
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    Making Knives and Swords from Pipe Shrapnel

    Greetings, Knife Dogs! I have patented an explosive process that makes an amazing polishing agent consisting of diamond-enhanced ceramic powders. To do this I pack a steel pipe with my explosive, detonate this inside of a large vessel, and extract the powder that is produced. The detonation...