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    Recently Made Sheaths:

    Here are a few southwest style sheaths I've done recently.
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    Need help to ID this makers mark.

    Hey guys, can any of you help identify the maker of this damascus bowie? The makers mark is an anvil. Thanks, Scalphunter.
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    Tacked & Beaded Sheath

    Tacked & Beaded Sheath I finished recently, as well as some others from the past.
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    My "Go To The Woods" Gear

    This is my "Go To The Woods" Gear, including my 1800's style Stag Handled Skinner forged for me by my friend Matt Lesniewski of ML Knives. I recently upgraded the tacked and beaded Sheath with crow beads and fringe. The Woodland Hawk, which has been seen here on the forum before, was forged for...
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    New 1800's style Price Skinner

    This is the new hunter forged for me by my buddy Matt Lesniewski of ML Knives. It has a nicely antiqued, 1095 carbon steel 3 3/4" blade, and the beaded sheath I made for it. He never fails to impress me with the quality of his work.
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    Two New Sheaths

    Here are two sheaths I just completed. On the left, a Tacked Sheath with a beaded rosette, and on the right, a Southwest style Tooled Concho Sheath.
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    Tacked & Beaded Sheath for new Knife

    I recently had this great new Stag Handled Skinner forged for me by my buddy Matt Lesniewski of ML Knives. I then created the beaded lanyard for the knife, and the "antiqued" Tacked & Beaded Sheath to go with it.
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    Beaded Sheath for Heirloom Knife

    This is a sheath I beaded for this knife that originally belonged to my Grandfather, who passed it down to my Father, who eventually gave it to me. It is 70+ years old, and I thought it needed a proper sheath.
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    Beaded and Tacked Sheath and Two Concho Sheaths

    This is a Beaded & Tacked Sheath I did awhile back, and two Tooled Concho Sheaths I did recently.
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    This is a beaded belt sheath I did awhile back in "applique bead stitch," along with a Queen Cutlery Lockblade with a "peyote beaded" drop I made for it. I also antiqued the carbon steel blade to give it that "old look."
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    Reproduction of geronimo's concho sheath

    Here is a reproduction I made of Geronimo's Concho Sheath, for my Father's Birthday. Geronimo was wearing the original sheath when he finally decided to stop fighting, and made his final agreement with the soldiers to live in peace. He went in with the soldiers, but in his heart, he never...
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    Cousin Shot By Bad Guys

    Hey Dogs...if you live anywhere near Oklahoma, you have probably heard about the Oklahoma City police woman who was ambushed in her parked patrol car Sunday night. She is my cousin, Katie. She assisted a County Deputy in the arrest of a DUI suspect who had been arrested other times for the...
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    KABAR/Becker BK-7 vs ESEE (RAT) 6

    I am in the process of deciding which one of these two knives I will be purchasing shortly, and would appreciate hearing some opinions about them, from you folks who already have them. So...which is the best, and why? Thanks.
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    Rockwell scale question (hrc)

    Hey guys, I am needing some advice from those of you out there who are more knowledgeable than I regarding the Rockwell Scale (HRC). I am thinking about purchasing a specific new handmade "Raindrop" Damascus knife, which is hardened to 52-55 HRC. Most of my knives are further up on the...
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    Some Of My Knives

    Here are a few of my knives...sorry about the focus.
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    Spyderco Military for Sale

    Sale cancelled SALE CANCELLED.......I purchased a new Spyderco Military knife and received it on 07/06/10. I carried it for only 3 days before I came to the conclusion that it was just alittle too big for what I wanted in a new EDC, and back into the box it went. Obviously, it is still in new...
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    Strider SNG

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some opinions on the Strider SNG from some of you folks that have owned them.
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    Spyderco Endura w/ "Foliage Green" G-10 Handle

    Any of you guys have the Spyderco Endura w/ the "Foliage Green" G-10 handle? I'm planning on picking one of them up in a few days, and would like your opinions of this knife.
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    Microtech Manual Socom Elite

    Microtech Manual Socom Elite For Sale Microtech Manual Socom Elite----------SOLD -Month/Year 06/2000 Model -Vintage-Discontinued / Never Carried-Only Displayed / Mint Condition / Sold As Is. -Only the Lanyard Cord is missing / knife bought w/o it. -Plain Edge w/ Gray Stonewashed Blade...
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    Any Microtech guys out there?