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  1. Drew Riley

    Need custom tools.

    I’d probably just get a suitable piece of bar stock for the platen, the grind a 36” radius into it. A 36 grit belt should rough it out pretty quickly, then just clean it up with finer grits and mount it up. Heat treat would be nice, though not completely necessary.
  2. Drew Riley

    Glass platen

    There's a seller on eBay HERE who will do custom lengths if you message them first.
  3. Drew Riley

    K26 soft brick

    If your building an oven, k23 bricks insulate / hold heat a lot better than k26.
  4. Drew Riley

    New toy!

    Curious to see how it works making sheaths. Keep up updated!
  5. Drew Riley

    I'm seriously considering giving up knife making

    "They don't think that it be like it is, but it do" - Oscar Gamble We all have days, weekends, or even weeks like that, and we'd all love to be farther along, or have more time to put into it. I've had more than one occasion where I spend hours or even days on a project, only at the "end" of...
  6. Drew Riley

    Silicone Sheet

    McMaster Carr has all kinds of silicone, rubber, and other gasket materials.
  7. Drew Riley

    Putting the “POP” back in liners?

    Wipe it down with a little WD40 or some other light solvent, and you should see an improvement.
  8. Drew Riley

    Simple knife design program??

    First I’m hearing about DS scrapping their freeware. That really stinks, though maybe they’ll see a rapid enough decline in users that they reverse their new policy. I don’t really see how they’ll compete when Fusion 360 is still in the game. Yeah, fusion is primarily a 3D program, but you can...
  9. Drew Riley

    Logo/ makers mark

    I like it.
  10. Drew Riley

    Looking For the right direction

    Wow, this thread takes me back. Wonder how Renegade87 ever made out? :D
  11. Drew Riley

    Handle sandpaper?

    My two go to sheet abrasives are Rhynowet and Starcke/Matador. If you buy them 25 to 50 sheets per grit at a time (or more), they're about the same price as the 3m and similar that you'd buy at the big box stores. Are they better than the cheap paper? Absolutely. Are they better than the...
  12. Drew Riley

    Collaboration with Matt Gregory

    Those are a couple of killer pieces. Nicely done.
  13. Drew Riley

    Small wheel question

    My biggest concern would be the accesibility (or lack thereof) of the small wheel when profiling the inside curve of anything over 2" long. The flat platen on the top side behind the small wheel looks pretty cool though, and I could see where it might be useful for sharpening and such. Now as...
  14. Drew Riley

    What will give the most bang for my buck? Disc grinder or metal band saw?

    I'm gonna be the odd man out here and say that you should have gone with a DISK GRINDER! JK... band saw was the right choice, no question.
  15. Drew Riley

    Even More Questions

    MAPP gas should burn hotter than propane, all other things being equal. Unless you're blowing in air from behind the burner, I'm not sure you're helping anything by adding the pumped air. The smaller your forge, the better, if you're just using a simple hand held torch to heat things up. If the...
  16. Drew Riley

    Knifemakers Law..............

    Not just for small parts. Tools and measuring devices also disappear every 5th time you set them down.
  17. Drew Riley

    Yup, another Maker's Mark question.

    Christenberry is a pretty unique name. I don't think you'd need much more than that for a MM if you keep up with your keywords and whatnot on your webpage, social media, and forums. If you pick the right font, you might be surprised what you could fit on a blade spine or the flat of a blade...
  18. Drew Riley

    Knife trivia

    Never knew that that’s where the term “jack” came from. Interesting!
  19. Drew Riley

    How to Quote previous statements

    This will save me dozens of minutes per year! Dozens!
  20. Drew Riley

    How to Quote previous statements

    Well I'll be! I didn't know that. Thanks!