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    Viking Axe Sheath

    That really looks at home on that axe.
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    Not sure at what temp vinegar boils, but I'd bet it's high enough to soften epoxy. I can't think anything good will happen after that.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Long over due work rest (I guess it's really for my hands) for my grinder. I've got to notch the table yet but was pleasantly surprised how rigid it is given the stock I used for the arm.
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    Forging tong choices

    I'd go for the longer handle just to keep my hand further away from flare ups. You might find that regardless of which tongs you choose those long blades will still tend to want to slip while you're picking them up. Assuming that your blade is on edge when you pick it up, just rotate it 90deg...
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    Post here for design critique.

    OAL 9." 4 1/2" scales. Cutting edge is exactly 4." That leaves about a 1/2" between the front edge of the scales and the start of the edge. That is intentional, but I'm still trying to decide if it's a feature or a flaw. ;) That is just a reflection of the tree above the knife that makes it...
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    Quench oil

    I've just hashed through this myself. My conclusion is this. We really need 2 quenchants. I'm using a 10.2-12.2sec @ 78F oil, which puts it in the "medium" range like AAA or McMaster 11 sec oil on 80CrV2 and 52100 and getting HRC values that are on target for the recipes I'm using. I have a...
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    Blade show 2019 report

    Seriously Boss...I've read your posts 15 times. Answers so many questions I have.
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    Post here for design critique.

    Here's one I'm calling a "field skinner," aimed squarely at field dressing. That's the #1 used game knife in my neck of the woods. I've attempted to put a knife together with good "reach" for internal work and well suited for precisely separating things than need separating. I'd love to here...
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    Belated Hello

    I just realized I had never posted an intro. My name is Todd. I live in SE ILLINOIS in solid "red" territory. 18 years working for an industrial refrigeration manufacturer, 11 years in maintenance, and almost 4 years as a supervisor. My focus is equipment reliability, so I'm kind of...
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    Damascus Etch: What have I done wrong?

    Ok. I think I have this figured out. I re sanded and cleaned as suggested. Exact same result. And I mean exact. So now I am assuming that the shiny spots weren't hard steel. I had ground this knife very thin before heat treat. I coated it with Turco. I'm thinking that the Turco is has...
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    Need custom tools.

    Wow. That video is nearly intolerable what with the hooping and hollering. I might make one though.
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    Damascus Etch: What have I done wrong?

    Thanks again. This is the result of the second attempt. What you've said makes perfect sense. It seemed as though I was smearing something around on the first attempt-and now that you've mentioned paper towels-I'll bet it was something in the towel going into solution from the alcohol. I'll give...
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    Damascus Etch: What have I done wrong?

    Thanks Ed. Would that cause the blackening of the 15N20 as well?
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    So Close with Pics

    I think your grinds look real good. I did recently try some Norax belts (structured abrasive). They seem about twice as easy to maintain a crisp line.
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    So Close with Pics

    154CM is a stainless steel alloy, not a measurement.
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    Damascus Etch: What have I done wrong?

    I *attempted* etching my first damascus blade. It looks...wrong. The particulars: 11 layer 80CrV2 and 15N20. Slow twist. Hand hammered. Welded perfectly, no flux. Rough ground to 220 ish, coated in Turco, normalize, thermal cycled, quench in 10 sec commercial oil. Hand sanded to a an honest...
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    First Damascus WIP

    Chris Railey's question about 80CrV2 forge welding motivated me to finish a knife out of the billet I welded up several months ago (thanks for that!) Truth be told I think I hurt my shoulder beating it out, by hand of course, and I've been nursing it until the tendons calmed down, and I was...
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    Mystery Steel

    cut a piece of the original part about 1/3 the way through, then break it. Looks like wrought something or another.
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    80CRV2 question

    My first forge and canola heat treat blades test really close in hardness to my current kiln heat treat blades in commercial. My suspicion is, like with other low alloy steels, that overshooting temps will reduce toughness. I don't have a way to measure that, but there are no obvious performance...