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  1. Retroguy

    Thick spacers?

    I love the look of adding spacers and typically I see them about 1/16 inch. Sometimes I see spacers or liners that are colors and are 1/8 inch. I haven't seen them on line. These thicker spacers are typically separating wood species on custom handles. I do know some are metal. Are they typically...
  2. Retroguy

    Simple knife design program??

    Any simple program or Ap out there for knife design? Is CAD it?.
  3. Retroguy

    Yay or Nay on Harbor Freight Band Saw.

    I need a band saw to rough cut scales. Will the inexpensive HF brand do that? Does anybody have 150 dollar band saw or less that is accomplishing this?
  4. Retroguy

    2nd best to Ceramic Belts.

    I have used other belts with success but obviously they don't last as long. What belt Material or brand is second best to ceramic belts? Or what also might help is the worst Silicone carbide???
  5. Retroguy

    Struggling with makers mark

    So if I use my hog head, my name under it seems to take up too much real estate on a knife. I make smaller knifes like neck knives. And if I make everything smaller my name might blurr out and be too small. How does this look if I incorporate my name into the head. I really love the head so I...
  6. Retroguy

    The Moment: the dark side

    This is the moment when you know all is lost. Today it was the moment my grind line went too far up. The knife just wouldn't have looked good with the full grind up to the spine. My head is down as I clean up in disappointment and shame. I think I'm 1:2 in success rate. It's a good thing it's...
  7. Retroguy

    How do I send pics in private message?

    When I press the picture icon an Http window opens up. How do I add pictures? Im sure this has been a topic but I couldn't find it in search.
  8. Retroguy

    Logo/ makers mark

    May is Makers Mark Month. I keep changing my mind. I know controversial but I do like logos and this will always be a hobby for me. I'm thinking of a hog head. I was a butcher by trade and a hog can be butchered lol. It's tusk is also a knife or it's weapon. I don't know of any other maker is...
  9. Retroguy

    First Swedge

    I’m not sure if I’m going to sharpen the swedge or just leave it a decorative look.
  10. Retroguy

    1/8 thickness bevel trouble.

    As many of you know I use a 1 x 30 to make my knifes. I do pretty well getting nice bevel lines on 3/8 thick stick. I recently tried to make a neck knife on 1/8 stock and the bevel line is very rough. It must have something to do with the smaller angle and maybe pressure. On a 2 x 72 is there a...
  11. Retroguy

    Colby fastener question.

    I have never used them but hope to soon. Are they difficult to use? What are the basic steps. I am assuming I would have to make sure the handle width is very specific to the bolt. Or are they adjustable to different widths?
  12. Retroguy

    Neck knife WIP

    Working on this little neck knife. I'm starting to think smaller doesn't mean easier. I cut blanks with an angle grinder so those radius' were not easy. I hate starting WIP threads because it's a crap shoot on whether this ends up going sideways. I want to try a little bevel also on the top of...
  13. Retroguy

    Knife trivia

    What does this switch have to do with a knife?
  14. Retroguy

    Meet BOB (Bug Out Blade)

    A month in the making but it is done. My tools are subpar so I have to go slow. It's just shy of 8 inches. 3/8 inch spine. Alabama Damascus with African Blackwood handle. I made the lanyard bead with small scrap Damascus and Blackwood. The lanyard has a simple snakeknot design.
  15. Retroguy

    Finishing the spine spine advice?

    I tend to fight the spine at the end of my project. I can't seem to get the spine up to say 1000 grit like I do the wood. I use the dremel on the curves, then there is a little line and also the dremel doesn't really have fine sandpaper. I keep scuffing up the spine.
  16. Retroguy

    Handle thickness?

    Are there standard handle thickness based on knife length. I know it has a lot do do with comfort and hand size, but if a maker is selling them to random people an average/ standard size seems to make sense. Say for example an 8 inch hunting knife . What do some of you do?
  17. Retroguy

    Specific handle shaping question.

    The few knifes I have made, I kept the ricasso area part of the handle at 90 degrees. I would like to have a Little less than 90 , but I am afraid I will overshoot it or not make it the same on both sides. Not my knife below but This is what I would like to accomplish. I can give the scales...
  18. Retroguy

    How to get full texture on leather?

    How is this done? I tried to look for a roller of some sought but couldn't find one. Or is it purchased this way?
  19. Retroguy

    Leather Sheath WIP help

    I added 10 mm around the blade template to accommodate the welt. I feel I am going to have a snag near that ricasso area where my pencil is pointing to. If it's not too much trouble I wouldn't mind if somebody drew on the drawing about the shape it should be in that area. Should I bring it out...
  20. Retroguy

    Concern about drill press sheath technique

    Having some hand strength issues I will most likely use the drill press for the holes in the sheath. I was watching a tutorial yesterday and the maker was using the all. He said he doesn't like using the press because he finds that sometimes the drill bit misses the cut grove on the opposite...