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    grinder, mini mill, disc grinder

    Package deal. I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow.
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    grinder, mini mill, disc grinder

    Everything you need to make knifes I have for sale. 2X72 belt grinder, mini mill and lathe combo, flat disc grinder, and a whole lot more miscellaneous items. Near jacksonville fl. Call me for details. $800.00. 904-402-2700
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    Handle problem on slip joint

    Travis I have had the wood for about six months or so and have gotten ironwood from them before but used it for fix blades and have never had this problem. The slip joint I finished this weekend was dead flush with the 416 stainless bolsters that I soldered on and they have shrunk quite a bit...
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    Handle problem on slip joint

    I have made two slip joints with ironwood from arizona ironwood and both pieces have shrunk down a little past the bolsters. I worked them slow and tried my best to not get the bolsters to hot, and they were both smooth with the bolsters and on the second one I even let it sit over night before...
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    Hello from Jacksonville

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    Lanny’s Clip with jigged bone

    Sweet knife I like the wider blades and handles on slipjoints.
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    Coye ~ 105

    Very Sweet
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    Folder bushing supplier

    Does any one know where to get folder bushings? Knife and is out of stock and I havent had any luck no where else
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    You commented on a post of mine about an etcher. I have the ground from the transformer and...

    You commented on a post of mine about an etcher. I have the ground from the transformer and hooked up a ground on the side like the plans showed. Are you saying take all of the grounds loose. I put a meter on it and I get 24 volts ac but when I switch to dc the meter read -24 volts so I swamp...
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    etcher problem

    I did it just like he said on his tutorial. I wired the on off on switch wrong then when I figured it out I wired it up right. when I checked it with a voltage meter ac was 24 volts but the dc read negative 24 volts so I swap the leads on the meter and it read 24 volts. I tried it and it etched...
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    etcher problem

    I just built an etcher from chris crawfords website and tried it out today but it doesn't remove metal and doesn't mark very good. It is filling my stencil up with a black residue. Should I try a different etching solution or could it be something else? Any help will be much appreciated.
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    HHH Feather Damascus Single Blade Trapper

    Thanks guys. Pretty proud of it myself.
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    HHH Feather Damascus Single Blade Trapper

    Just finished this last week HHH Feather Damascus, Desert Ironwood, 410 stainless liners, 416 pins and bolsters. Bolsters soldered on and pivot bushing.
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    powder coating , ceracoat

    Bubba cerakote is no go. I coated a 8" fighter with it and stabbed a hog four times and it was scratched off in three places down to bare metal.
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    Feather Damascus Single Blade Trapper

    First try at a damascus blade. Feather pattern from HHH, Desert Irowood handles, 416 soldered bolsters, 410 .040 thick liners and blade has bushing in pivot. A few mistakes but overall pretty good.
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    Feather Damascus Single Blade Trapper

    Price is $225.00 Includes shipping. PM me for payment details Blade Material - .093 HHH Feather Damascus Handle Material - Desert Ironwood .040 Stainless Steel Liners Bolsters are 416 Stainless Steel and Soldered 416 Stainless Steel Pins Handle length is 4" Blade Length is 3 1/8"...
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    Cpm-s35v steel question

    I was wondering if any one here has any experience with cpms35v stainless steel. I was wondering if it will get as sharp as cpm m4 and if its edge holding ability is near cpm m4. This will be for a pocket knife. Thanks in advance for any information. I have a slip joint that I made using cpm m4...
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    Utility/EDC with two tone g-10

    You make some sweet knives