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    Die Steel

    The guide ready for welding
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    Die Steel

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    Die Steel

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    Die Steel

    Make that 16 ton
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    Die Steel

    Thanks Ed I am glade you chimed in , always the best info . I will start posting some pix's as I go , I am building a press similar to Paul Pinto's but a tad smaller. This press will have a 4 x 12 x 1.5 in, 3000 psi cyl , should deliver around 18.5 tons
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    Die Steel

    I am looking for some input on steel for die's , I have started my forging press and am looking to start collecting materials for die construction.
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    Zirconium and Blue Shred CF

    Great work and very blue
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    I'm seriously considering giving up knife making

    Sometimes I get inspiration by just sitting there and looking at all my stuff , some good , some bad.
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    Micarta blocls

    My neighbor gave me these old micarta pieces his dad had , 1.75x.75 nice for guards.,
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    As stated Randy Haas makes Damascus and it is an excellent product , I believe Randys phone # is on his web site , give him a call.
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    Backup Thermocouple Placement

    I am with Ed , I think you would want one thermocouple in a kiln this size since fluctuation will be slight if any and the ability to regulate temp is non existent . Before I retired I was in the pottery industry and our kilns were 1800 cubic ft and we had 3 to 4 thermocouples per kiln.
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    Damascus Hunter

    That would be my right arm press
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    Damascus Hunter

    I wanted to add that the handle is Tiger Maple
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    Damascus Hunter

    1075 and 15n20 twist Damascus with a 410 stainless guard and a filed brass spacer. Handle isok
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    Yup, another Maker's Mark question.

    Chris 10 Berry
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    Something new for me

    On this hunter I have wrapped the tang and spacer in cling free wrap so I can remove the handle block after glue up. This will give me a tight fit for the pin hole.
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    I failed...

    You will feel like Super Grinder
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    super glue

    Yes sitting in acetone