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    Computer software options for knife design

    Fusion 360 allows you to bring in an image as well. You can also pick 2 points anywhere on the image and give it a dimension and it will scale the image to that proper size. Also, being cloud based, it allows me to do work from any computer so I can work on designs while I'm on "break" at my...
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    i Search a CAD drawer

    If you're just starting with CAD, you should try Fusion 360. It's also free to hobbyists and is extremely powerful and has great tutorials. It's 3d modeling software and even includes rendering to get photorealistic models of your knife design. Everything is a learning curve so might as well go...
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    Serial numbers, 3 s/n 001's same model?

    I am making a liner lock of the same model that is normally a frame lock, would it be normal to begin a new serial number range (s/n 001) for the liner lock even though it is technically the same model (blade and handle shape). How about the same model as a bolster lock? Begin new serial number...