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    Juma handle material ?

    Curious if you guys are thinking of or have tried in the past to carry any Juma material. Some of it looks to have really cool patterns. Only scene it on a couple of knives and thought they looked pretty darn good.
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    waterfall bubinga blocks

    Hey all have some nice bubina blocks for sale. These are rough sanded so the blocks only show the grain lines. I have included a link to a video I made trying to show how they look at about 400grit with a teak oil rubbing. I also included a couple of pics of a machete handle I did that is...
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    Hey everyone

    Registered a while back when I decided to build the NWG figured I would introduce myself since I browse around here once in a while. I recently got into attempting knife making and more recently the world of forging. Not into the selling side of knife making yet (maybe one of these days) but...