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    guard for 28" 400 layer sanmei dao

    Thats a real bummer Kevin. I did my first dry weld last night, just 3 bars of 1075 welded together. Gotta say it was actually easier then with flux for me personally. Looks good so far. Highly recommend giving it a shot.
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    Is a forged folder practical?

    Just curious as I am not the most qualified but what kind is it a friction type folder your making. Ive been wanting to make one of the older style ones. I think you could do it although it would be easier to start with thinner stock. Would be a good test of your forging ability I imagine.
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    Brut de Forge Challenge

    Sounds fun Ill give it a go.
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    Forged 2 japanese style Tanto

    Bubba question for you. Does hanging them to cool help prevent warp from uneven cooling of the steel. Just curious because I occasionally have an issue with knife blades I forge that look straight but later when I go back they are very crooked. Was thinking maybe it was from setting them on my...
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    Scott I read up a little and it looks like minimum accepted hardness for bearing components is 58HRC and are generally in the 60 to 64HRC which was listed as the optimum hardness for E52100
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    Wanted to add that the lauri blades that you can get are also 80crv2 from what I have read. There differential heated ones have an edge at 62HRC. Pretty nice blades.
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    Ok well thats good then. I did a blade today. Kind of treated it like I do 52100 and quenched in warm canola. As quenched was right at 66hrc. I think thats pretty good. Tested it several times.
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    A Damascus Puukko

    Excellent looking blade. So is that grind a normal grind followed up with like a mini scandi grind? Looks good.
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    What HRC are you guys getting with this stuff pre temper. Just curious to see where I am at with this steel.
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    Ive been using basically this same process in my forge with aldo's 521 and have had excellent results. My temps are not as refined but basically the same idea. I quench in warm canola oil though. I only use it for this steel. I have been getting 66-67HRC pre temper repeatedly. Have had great...
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    Giveaway! Bali Kit -- 2 Balisong Kits giveaway

    Im in for wed as well. These actually look like great kits.
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    Pioneer Axe - Video from 1965

    Very cool vid. Depressing but very cool.
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    Asian-esc W-1 and Cord Wrapped

    Very nice looking blade. If you could what thickness did you use and what are overall dimensions.
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    shibuichi habaki part 2

    This is some great stuff. Looks like another aspect of knife making I am gonna have to look into. Looks to be somewhat challenging.
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    forging a hawk question

    Different type of metal for one. Also is it thicker in areas, which means more metal to get up to temp and move. I have only been playing with forging for a little while and there is a huge difference between things like 1084, W2, L6, and 8670 all of which I have played with.
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    waterfall bubinga blocks

    Gonna throw these up on other places but if anyone is interested Ive got more from the same slab all very nice stuff. Feel free to pm me if anyone ever wants any. I will work out a deal for 2 or more blocks. Thanks.
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    Alaskan Skinner and Hunter

    Those are some amazing knives. Ive gotta ask what process you go thru for getting the bolsters on there and everything etched properly. I didnt see any pins (could of missed it) it all looks pretty much perfect.
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    The Official "Show us your shop dog" thread

    Well here are my two dogs (well the little one is the wifes and the bigger guy is more daddies boy), both CL mutts. No idea what Loki the bigger one is, Ivan the little guy is pom/chuwaha/pug cross (i think hes mostly rat lol). Both great dogs.
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    Juma handle material ?

    Curious if you guys are thinking of or have tried in the past to carry any Juma material. Some of it looks to have really cool patterns. Only scene it on a couple of knives and thought they looked pretty darn good.
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    waterfall bubinga blocks

    How about a price drop $27 a block. Thanks for looking.